2022 Ford F-150 XLT

Wife fell in love with a 2022 F-150. Looks like they lease like garbage. Or is it just this market? I’ve never leased before (95% of my previous vehicles have been cheap, sub $10k commuters paid for in cash).

I’m a tight wad. I will only buy something if I get a great deal, and so far these 2021/2022 F-150’s are looking extremely over priced. Well, so is everything else I suppose…

Unfortunately my wife REALLY needs a new vehicle. We have been holding out for just over a year, and now we’re hearing it might be another year or more before we see some pullback on this market… That leaves me scrounging around for the best deal I can find on either a lease or finance for this vehicle.

I got these numbers from edmunds on current rates:

2022 F150 XLT 302A 4x2 5.5 Bed SuperCrew 2.7L

MSRP- $47,875
Selling Price- $46,000
Factory Incentive- $1,000
Trade in value- $3,000
Total sale price- $42,000

**24mo./15k mi. **
6.25% APR
64% RV

**36mo./15k mi. **
6.22% APR
57% RV

No lease incentives

Cap- $0
Acquisition- $995
Dealer Fee- ~$600
MF- 0.00225
Taxes- $4,145.38

Total of Lease Payments- $22,810

Monthly Lease Payment- $565
(Before Taxes and Fees)

Taxes and Fees

Monthly Lease Payment- $685
(After Taxes and Fees)

Toyota trucks lease the best. Current Nissan Frontier lesser for 280 or so 0 down is best deal at moment otherwise. I’m scouring to see if any deals on ram can be had, as I need full-size. If not will go tundr


Yes. F-150 in particular leases terrible.

If you’re willing to wait 6-7 months do a custom order via Chapman they do below invoice.

Lariat 4x4 CrewCabs have better residual than XLTs


On going discussion here:


You’re getting it for below MSRP.

Looks like your MF/rate are high.

I would think Ford’s rate would be better.

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Ideal scenario was $43,000 Final Sale Price, which we had agreed upon, then they sold unit about an hour after that and have nothing left on the lot.

I’ll have to dig more into the MF and see if the numbers got skewed.

Fords lead like crap. @Clutch had a pretty sweet southwest edition ram deal, but have to wait for it to be built

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Super sweet deal with an incentivised program meaning MF and RV can be locked on it!
Hope it remains the same next month as its been very popular. Awesome truck!


You’re probably better off financing this thing


Ford does not buy-down the MF on their trucks. Far better to buy one than lease.

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What is your zip? I might have a credit union that can lease in your area and should be a bit cheaper than the captive.


Zip- 85233

Sorry we don’t have any lenders in AZ yet. That should change by the end of 2022.

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Only way to lease one for a decent price is to order through a dealer who will give you a deep discount (like Chapman or others) AND get lucky enough to receive a Private Cash Offer from Ford. The PCOs typically range from 2000-3500 on F150s and can be applied to leases. They are targeted promotions to specific customers though so they can be hard to obtain.

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