2022 Chevy Bolt EUV- Price Decrease May 2022

We’re approaching May, where a lot of the bolt euv replacement batteries are coming through. So this may end up for late May and June prices go down. Anyone’s thoughts on this?

The current deal I’ve calculated is this. It’s not really a deal tbh but open for opinions:

that’s definitely not a deal

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Not entirely certain what you’re saying here. The EUV was not recalled, the regular Bolt was. Both Bolts and EUVs (among others) are available for swaps under the LG battery recall, roughly half have been completed. Production on the 2023s have started.

Are you speculating on sales being down this month and what the corresponding deal/discount might be in June? If so, nobody knows, nor will they for at least 3 weeks.


If you’re guessing that a supply side increase will cause prices to drop, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Demand for EVs are going to be very high for the foreseeable future.


Thank you. What would make it a deal then in this market?
Just got out of the military and money is tight. I appriciate your help.

Don’t lease a car then, buy a car that is about 5-7 yrs old and hopefully still in warranty.

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Used car market is too high. Don’t know any reliable vehicle brand that has warranty after 3 or even 5 years.


Hyundai’s do, but most people don’t like the name ‘hyundai’

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There is still very little supply on the Bolt (EV or EUV). I’m waiting for a new battery and there are very few new units on the ground. Any increase in battery production isn’t going to result in significantly more new vehicles since there’s still a massive backlog of batteries that need to be replaced.

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bruh, total lease cost is $16k. I know times have changed, but you know we were sniping these for $4-5k.

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Times are changing I think. I’d rather buy a Hyundai vs. Toyota today. Hyundai has been innovating and bringing win after win to market (I’ve seen a stupid number of the Santa Cruz pickups on the road). Kia EV6, Telluride/Pallisade, Kia Carnival, Elantra N. The whole lineup is pretty great.

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What is GM doing with all the swaps? Are they just going to destroy them or sell them at auction? Maybe it might be worth it to wait and pick up a 20-21’ bolt with the replacement battery when if GM releases them.

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Assuming the title isn’t branded, yes. For the ones that are branded, I don’t think the price reduction will be worth the impairment at resale unless you 110% plan to drive it into the ground.

Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi all have 10 year/100k warranties. Certain VWs post dieselgate thru 2019 had 7y/70k warranties.

Used car prices have started to slightly come down, but this thread has a lot of examples of decent sub-10k cars

Given the total cost on this lease, I would be looking at used cars like some in this other thread. I would rather slightly over pay for a $10,000 asset than overpay for a $30,000 asset :man_shrugging:t2:


Definitely get some ideas from that thread. Not every used car is inflated or a money pit.

That being said, if you want to be under warranty, most mainstream cars under 8 years old and sub 75,000 miles qualify for Route 66’s top warranty, which is fairly comprehensive and quite affordable for a legit aftermarket warranty.

Older cars qualify for a powertrain warranty which is a good idea for certain models where the engine or the transmission are the biggest fault points.

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Those times in 2020? lol yeah

As long as gas is over $6.00/gallon here in CA, no EVs are coming down in price.

End of discussion.

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It’s $5.50/gallon now.

Politicians raising it to push towards EV adoption. New president who’s republican will def. Change the prices in lowering gas.

euv’s were recalled also.

So what button does the president have to push to make sure output of oil is significantly higher than demand, ensure no natural disasters have any impact on the refinement or production of oil, to make sure oil producing countries keep producing in a way that keeps the price down low, and makes sure the costs to pump and refine oil continue to stay low? I can’t help but think our current president would have hit that button already if he could have. If such a button existed, the current president may have undone it after November, but there is no way any politician in power right now wants the gas prices to be what they are.


For what it’s worth, my LT that I returned comes up as a Salvage/Lemon VIN now. I’m imagining that’s how they will all come up since GM used Lemon Law procedures to handle these.


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