2022 Bolt EV and EUV price drop! $6,300 Customer Cash

There are three programs with different eligibility, but at a minimum you have to be a CA resident and register the car in CA to claim CCFR

There are probably 10,000 posts here if you want to search. Fine if you are not eligible for any, but you’re competing against many, many, many people who are eligible for 1-3 of them for very few cars…

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Is it still a $3K markup or has that changed?

Yes, it was a $3K markup.

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Thx! did they explain the $3750 Lease Loyalty Cash? does it actually require one to return their leased car even when buying?

Yes, I had to return my 2020 Bolt to be eligible for that rebate. I did do a purchase vs another lease because of the $6300 rebate which is only available on purchases. I financed it with my credit union which gave me a pretty good rate instead of directly with the dealer.

I picked a 1LT in North Dakota, msrp -5900 (purchase) . No markup, no dealership fees. Best dealership experience I’ve had so far. Trying to make it home to Colorado, that’s a different story.

Needed a commuter asap, Colorado shortage is crazy, long wait lists and markup going up the roof at most dealers.

This was a mistake. You should had done a msrp swap into a loaded 2023. Then buy out the lease for around $21k a few months later. Much cheaper route than turning the lease early.

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They could had applied the $1500 supplier discount if they didn’t mark up the car.

Think of how well it would sell if it was good looking. No way my wife would be caught dead driving one of these.


Car companies never wanted to sell EV’s. That’s why they made sure the first few iterations were as ugly as possible.

Tesla was the first company that wanted to make EV’s desirable and to actually sell.

If it was sexy, it wouldn’t be priced starting at $26k and change. That unsexiness saves you $6k-7k easily.

Frankly, despite its looks, demand currently exceed supply, so it’s selling plenty well by any measure.

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Went to look at a EUV Premier in person, it’s not that bad looking.

Now the regular Bolt EV, that’s something I would not drive.

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Yea it’s no worse than any other subcompact SUV type vehicle (Renegade, Compass, Trax, Encore GX, Kicks, CHR, Corolla Cross, Outlander Sport, Taos, etc)

But I agree, if I’m getting one, I’ll pay a bit more for the EUV.

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I was about to put a deposit on this until I realize that GM did the most ridiculous GM thing by penny pinching on the brake lights. Basically with the 2022 models (EV and EUV) they move the brake/directional lighting from where you’d expect to the lower bumper. This probably saved them 7 cents on wiring. :man_facepalming:

It does meet regulations and there’s still a CHMSL, but imo that is not nearly as safe as if they were everyone expects them to be AND it looks absolutely ridiculous.

Here’s an article with pictures explaining what I mean.

The 2022 EUV is a really great value, especially for the standard tech like wireless carplay, 10" display, heated/ventilated seats on the Premier trim, etc.


this seems incredibly dumb and looks even worse.

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I saw this on the road the other day and was really confused. It throws your brain for a loop irl for a second lol