2022 BMW 330i xDrive - 57k MSRP - $599/mo - 1.5k DAS/24mo Left - NO MSD - MSport Portimao Blue on Mocha

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2022 BMW 330i xDrive
Location: Long Island, NY

MSRP: $57,690
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $599
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided): $661.50

Current mileage: 12,675
Maturity mileage: 30,014
Effective miles per month: 722
Maturity date: 2/21/25

MSD due (if any): $0
Cash due (if any): $1,500

Financial institution: BMW Financial Services
Transfer fee: $500 (Buyer Pays)
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Yes

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details:

The logic was this: Loaded up 330i or more basic M340i. I had trouble stomaching paying nearly what I paid for my M3 for an M340i, so I went this route. I am super anal, this car is in absolutely mint condition, there isn’t a single scratch or dent on it. It’s only ever been hand washed and it has 35% Xpel CS Black tint.

This car is loaded. Portimao Blue on Mocha Leather. Driving Assistance Package, Shadowline Package, MSport Package, Premium Package 2, Remote Start, Power Tailgate, SensaTec Dashboard, ICON Adaptive Shadowline LED’s with Laserlight, Live Cockpit Pro, MPerformance Exhaust and Diffuser. I paid $500 separately for the OEM BMW MPerformance Carbon Spoiler. It is coming with the car.

Please, we all don’t need to hear anyones thoughts that it’s a lot of money for a 330i. It technically might be, but here is the deal, if you wanted to order a 57k 330i today, you’d need to get over 14% off MSRP with buy-rate money factor and 1k down to get a $599 payment, and that’s before taxes. If ordered today at a more realistic deal (close to what brokers are offering) of 7% off, you’d be at $729/mo with 1k down before broker fees.



So you had two 330ix sedans at the same time?

Kinda strange.

They ordered the Blue one from us.


I have no doubt he/she did have 2 at once, was just saying that having two of the same cars at the same time is a bit unusual.

It’s a family situation. We’re a family of 4. This 3er is mine. We also have a 2018 X5 and had an i3. When the i3 went, we were down to 2 cars for 4 people, and I’m not letting gen-pop drive my car. I took over that white 330i because it was very cheap @ $419/mo. That’s the only reason for having 2 of the same car, but now we are planning on replacing the white 330i with a Model 3, now that the lease prices make much more sense.

I think you should clarify your intentions. It sounds like you would only sell the car if someone is willing to do this AND you can get the other deal? So if the other deal falls through the person who agreed to do this would not get your car?

If you’re clearer on what is needed to get the car that would be better for leads.

It’s more like if someone is willing to take this, and pays the asking, then I will most likely let it go and then worry about the other car. I have 2 different cars lined up, both have been aging on dealer lots, so unless they both coincidentally sell, we should be fine.

I’d have done the same, loaded up 330 :slight_smile:

GLWT, the car is gorgeous😍


I appreciate it. It really is beautiful and I will not be disappointed if I wind up just keeping it.

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Loaner macan here you come ! Glws !


Eh, we’ll see, the deal is not that easy to replicate, but I’ve gotten close. I’m looking more at 24 month leases, I wouldn’t get rid of my car for a 1 year.

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I was waiting for someone to appreciate this.

Went way too long with no recognition

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It’s a good looking car and my preferred color. The only piece that always gets me with listings such as this one is when sellers say a car is “loaded.” My definition of loaded is essentially every option- as in loaded and can’t carry more. With that said, this car is missing DA+ and not actually loaded. We all have our our pet peeve. May want to add it to SAL if it doesn’t go quick here. GLWS!

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My pet peeve is FEELER. Usually people say that and are only looking for overpriced offers. In this case the ask is clearly laid out. If the car is for sale at asking then what are we feeling? I know if you’re famous they let you feel anything, but for normies like us something is either for sale or it isn’t.


To me, loaded means well equipped more so than the average car, which to me, this is. It’s all subjective. When someone says “car has every option” but then it doesn’t, that’s my pet peeve.

Regardless, I get it, I didn’t see value in DA+ for my driving, so I skipped it.


I get it, I think to be more clean I can say this, if someone would pay the full asking, I’d let it go. I think my plan is to just get the other car I’m planning on getting, rock them both for a few months, and then just decide which I like more. I may ask to close the thread but I haven’t totally locked in the other car yet.


No longer a feeler. It’s available.

I guess I’m getting an i4.

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Abc Yes GIF by The Bachelorette

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