2022-2023 S580 Benz - What is the art of the possible?

I’m curious what deals have been negotiated on latest gen S580. I’m not familiar with Benz leases, haven’t really seen unicorns for the S580, but any references are welcome. Also, any tips when dealing with Benz dealers… I’m used to BMW, but I’ve never had great success when dealing with Benz (also haven’t pursued enough) - but it feels like MB leases significantly worse than BMW.

I’m not sure what is actually possible, but you would either need some serious dealer discount or a pile of trunk money (or both :laughing:).

The rv is bad on these, which is what I had initially assumed. I just ran a quick lease on a low stickered MY23 (MSRP $125,xxx). Even with 15% off of MSRP at buy rate, you’re looking at an effective monthly of $1,8xx on a 36/10k. 25% off of msrp would drop it to $1,4xx.

That’s absolutely insane. Why would MB financial mark such low rvs?

Because they don’t need to make the deals more attractive to move units. The S-Class is the top-selling large sedan, and there are more than enough people willing to buy them under the current terms. The A8 is effectively dead, and although the tech in the 7-Series is better, opinions are divided about its design. I certainly see far more S-Class sedans where I live than 7-Series.

Yeah, very nice car but it would be $$$.

jUsT PiCk uP An EQS- ThEy ArE ThE SaMe aS ThE S ClAsS :skull:


Lower RV, lower MF. You’ll need a large discount to make up for it, more than 15%. I have full confidence you can do such a thing.

Aomeone posted a decent S Class deal in share deals, it was like 25-30% on a demo.

A lot of the MB leases I see posted here are 48-month terms. Not sure if this is also the sweet spot for the S Class (payment-wise).

If you can find a demo, you might be able to score a decent deal.

A member snagged an '22 S500 demo back in March. They got 22% off MSRP. Still close to $1k/month, though.

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That’s a 6 cylinder though and OP seems to think those are below him.


The 48 month term did lower the payment, but I don’t recall the amount. (~$200?)

I wouldn’t settle for a 6-cylinder on this car either.

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7-8% on a new 580. You might be able to get to 10% but with the residuals, MF and lack of any incentive, you’re still in the $1700-$1900 range depending on MSRP. Need positive equity on a trade to make it look nice.

Lipstick on a pig

That’s correct, that’s for Aronchi and friends.

This is hot. I’ll start looking for demos.

Ya that’s a no-go.

What is the mileage cap MBFS stops leasing at? And do they go by year built as well? Can one lease a low mileage 2021 that was used as a demo for example?

I bet MB salespeople and managers around the country got a tingling in their peepees when they saw you write this.


Those were ‘22 demos. And lease support has since ended


Last time I checked, the mileage cap is 10k. You can only lease loaners if the vehicle model has lease support from MBFS.

Right. Also because a 5 cylinder turbo RS3 is faster than a M550, the flat four 718 Cayman S is very slow, and so are all 6 cylinder Porsches, GTRs, McLarens, a NSX, Ferraris and Ford GTs as well.

Those cars and speeds are all weak.

I wouldn’t either, so I grabbed two of them. Now I have 12-cylinders.