2022-2023 S580 Benz - What is the art of the possible?

Less than $1k effective on a $134k S-class is Godly.


Drove the 22’ S500. Not bad at all. Deals you got on those were best I’ve seen on an S-Class.

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Well that’s kinda apples and oranges bc you can’t get a 500 hp 6 cylinder in the car.

Well 22 has no more lease support since feb.

I think it was actually April, but regardless 2022 support done. With the terrible RV, S580 very tough to hack.

You missed the point, but anyway……

yes, you can (in “a” car):

Ya let’s just transplant that into an s class? Jesus dude

You have again missed the point, and apparently the other thread well.

“Jesus dude” for sure.

MB never subvented the lease program on the S580 as far as I know. The 22 S500 had a great lease program – it got a reduced money factor and bumped up residual around December-- but the S580 stayed the same. People will pay to play for the S580 it seems.

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Fleet manager of an MBZ dealer whom I leased a CLS450 from back in June of 2020 reached out to me offering “loyalty” incentives to get me into another MBZ as my lease contract was supposed to end next month. Nothing from MBZ currently interests me as I actually flipped the CLS last year for a few bucks and jumped into a G80 M3 Xdrive purchase but for shits and gigs I inquired about what kind of “loyalty” incentives she was willing to offer on S class’s as my dad would be in the market for a big body sedan within the next year once the lease on his A8 is up. She offered 35k off any 2022 S580 left in inventory (purchase only, MSRP ranging from 128k - 155k), 25k off 2023 S580’s and 15k off 2023 S500. I didn’t bother negotiating any further as my dad is enjoying his A8 (car and payment :joy:) but I’m sure there is more meat on the bone. Obviously discounts are one thing, but MF and residual need to line up for a decent lease and I don’t see it happening on the 580. Just wanted to share another datapoint for the LA market.