2021 Volvo S60 T5 Mom $349 - 36/10k - only first payment at signing

Wanted to get feedback on this deal for a 2021 Volvo S60. I am getting a 26% discount including rebate and incentives. No MSD’s

Only first payment at signing.
$349 (tax included)

First step is separating out the incentives so you can actually compare

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Yeah separate incentives and discount from dealer! But it seems like a solid deal.

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Loaner? What rebates do you have?

No, car is brand new. Not sure about rebates. Waiting for the dealer to reply. Overall seems like a good deal to me based on what I have seen on this forum.

You should always independently verify the incentives.

Volvo tends to have a sizeable amount of volvo allowance/lease cash that is direct to dealer. The dealer will tell you that you’ve got $1000 conquest or something like that but fail to mention the $5000 in lease cash.

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Do you have loyalty, penfed or qualify for some other affinity? You should at least know this.

Just Loyalty and Costco if that applies to Volvo.

No Costco. Find out how much loyalty is on Edmunds (probably $500). Or some nice people from @AutoCompanion can tell you how much it is and what the incentives are.

Bear calling me nice and a person. This feels weird! No costco rn.

Lease cash

$ 3,500.00 (untaxed in all states)


$ 500.00


So, 16% off pre-incentive. It must be a demo/loaner, maybe with low miles. 16% is very good even on a loaner.

it’s balls-deep.

Looks solid :muscle:

Car is brand new. This is not a loaner.

Punched, but never used as demo/loaner. There is no 16% discount on a new Volvo, especially now. Right, @aronchi? :slight_smile:
Great deal.

would check the dealer website and you’d immediately see if it was punched but never used.

though i had a guy ask for 18% pre-incentive on a $82k recharge owner demo. i removed myself from the thread.

How would you see that? They may not show the “loaner” icon.

automatically does once it’s punched.

So, are you saying there is a chance [of 16% off of new]? :thinking:
Edit: Doesn’t show as a demo/loaner and 2 days at that dealer, according to Cargurus. There must be a catch.