2021 Toyota Highlander XLE...confused about MSD

2021 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD
MSRP: $42,903
Monthly Payment: $394.85
Drive-Off Amount: $4,793.05
Refundable Security Deposits: $4,050
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: 0.00190 (Michigan)
Months: 36
Residual: 66%

Done three leases but never any MSD, but neither has my Toyota salesman. Quote say 9 security deposits of $450, but Leasehackr calculator says $400 each. Who is correct?

LH calculator is correct. MSDs for TFS are based on post-MSD monthly payments.


I can do this deal without the msds and on a $45k hybrid awd if you want. Gas would be even cheaper. You would have to ship it though or pick up in Philly area.

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I’m interested if the miles are 12k per year. The link you provided is only 10K.

Text me for a quote and I’ll send inventory and you can price one

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Planning on contacting you after Christmas, Jim. Since the calculator is accurate, here is my current score 9.2. Hope we can improve on this!

They’re moving quick. Have like 5-6 hybrids left so whenever you’re ready

What do guys think of this deal, good or not?

MSRP: $46,302
Residual: $31,200 (67%)
Monthly Payment: $394
Drive-Off Amount: $4444
Nine Refundable Security Deposits: $4,050
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: 0.00190 (Michigan)

Working with a Toyota dealer unfamiliar with MSDs. If my payment is $394, what is the security deposit?rounded up to:

•Nearest $100 ($400)
•Nearest $50 ($450)
•Nearest $25 ($425)

Leasehackr calculator is forcing me to the nearest $100.

If it is $394, then nearest $100
Goes by $25 increment

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I’m confused… $400 is the nearest multiple of 25, 50, and 100…


@Throttlemedia keep all your Toyota questions in one thread


When I was at the Toyota dealer they didn’t use the term “multiple”…only “nearest $50”, which to them is $450.

You have misinterpreted their phrasing.


Appreciate this answer! Any inside information you can provide that I can relay to the dealer that it should be $400?

Not really

If the contract states that total security deposit is X, then you will get that X back from TFS.

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That answers my next question of how MSDs show up on contract. Thanks!