2021 Tahoe RST Lease

So just got back from the dealer. I owe 3 payments ($702 a month) on my current Tahoe. They are offering the 2021 RST with MSRP at 68k at 65k supplier price.

US Bank MF .0005 RV at 53% 42 months @ $761 with 4k down which covers remaining payments on current Tahoe and tags, dealer fees and first month payment.

GM financial was 39 months at MF .00154 RV 57%. $865

Do these numbers make sense and is it a good deal? I know supply is a major issue right now with GM.


Wait 3 months. Makes no sense to waste that money + interest + tax for a deal that’s meh at best.


Thank you! Also forgot to add that I am at my millage already 36,500 currently. So I’ll probably hit around 39k. Thats another 1k or is overages.

So you’ll light $2100 on fire to save $1000?


fair point

you can get that truck for $600 flat out the door easy if you do more homework.
a pro can do $540 without getting people too upset.

I’m all ears how is that possible? GM doesn’t have MSD. The MSRP on it is 68k and supply issue has dealers playing hardball. It’s the version with the entertainment package and captains chairs.

Link a calculator for how to get there instead of blindly throwing out payment numbers that help no one but your ego.


Good deal given current supply / demand.

The original post I made at $761?

Yes, most people here don’t understand GM product (especially Tahoes). I’m 5k over on Tahoes and Suburbans atm due to a severe lack of supply and overwhelming demand.

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May be worth it to see what it looks like through GMF because they can absorb some of those payments using pull ahead and you’ll avoid paying disposition.

48 Month RV 10k - 51%
48 Month MF .00147

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It’s not. He’s looking at his deals from the last generation which were heavily discounted.

The 2021 Tahoe is not going to be a good deal


thats a good point but don’t get to twisted, IF you look back in my posts you can see I had the new model in 2015, LS loaded (no leather, no nav) for $475 39/10k which was the new body style, Think the sticker was 52/56k tops, the 2018 i have now LT with every option for $480, you can do it if you have your shit together and mean business. well see how I do in Dec this year, however I don’t like the new body style, looks narrow and pretty.

What pre-incentive discount would be required to achieve that based on the current programs?

Let’s do a reality check here to see what would be necessary to do what you’re claiming is possible.

There’s no point in boisterous claims if they aren’t even within the realm of possibility. Things are very different today than they were in 2018 or 2015.


vs. .00100 and 61% in 2018

NTM how bad the discounts are now. Is anyone doing 16% off like the 2018 deal?

So to recap

MF is worse
RV is worse
Incentives are non-existent
Discounts are worse.
MSRP is $10k higher.

But the monthly payment should be the same?


I also don’t believe that the numbers he posted in 2018 are correct, and I remember thinking that when he posted it. Huge outlier from every other GM/Tahoe deal in that timeframe. But then again I don’t have my shit together and don’t mean business so who knows.


The price you got on a car in 2015 has no bearing on one in 2021. I crushed it on a v6 Altima back in 2012.

Up until he retired in 2014 my father owned a Jeep dealership.

I’ll post one of the Grand Cherokee deals I got, so you guys can go replicate it.


What type of proof do you need. I’ll post pictures of it. Please please. I thought I did that in my tread but maybe I didn’t. Actual payment is 488.20 for 2018 and the 2015 was $479.99 (I told him I won’t pay a penny higher than 480) but the 18 had a sticker that was almost $20k higher than the 15. LS to LT