2021 Polestar 2 with farts - $62.4K MSRP - 36/12k - $603/month pre-tax - $500 DAS

Polestar is in the process of transitioning their 2021 demo cars to 2022. They’re discounting them by $1500 off MSRP. Grab them while you can!

Not quite the crazy LH deals of yore but once you combine this with EV incentives, it’s a decent deal given the nutso current market conditions (minivans with total lease cost of $35k?!?). As such, effective payment is $508. Note that the California Clean Fuel Reward goes down to $750 on 11/2.

Despite having leased six cars in four years (LH is an addiction), this car truly feels like a game changer. Performance, looks, and tech were enough for me to bite the EV bullet.

(LH calculator does not include the required $500 deposit)


Nice deal. How many miles did your demo had?

Edit. Just noticed you posted the contract. :+1:

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How did you go about finding a demo car? I’m in so-cal

made some good ol’ fashion phone calls.


Should be the same as any other car? RV + remaining payments + tax and fees (maybe)

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Congrats! Definitely update us on how you like the car!

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I really liked build quality and how quiet the cabin was even compared to our MX even though it was energy thirsty for the form factor.

Didn’t love the charging speed though. I’ll have to BVA a 2022 soon and see if my DCFC troubles have been fixed.

Car is wonderful and a game changer for me. Fast, comfortable, and futuristic, the car makes ICE seem incredibly outdated. I have zero range anxiety with normal daily use. Not having to stop at a gas station every week is a huge plus in the new normal. The tech makes one-pedal driving and navigating less taxing.

Now for the 1% of unusual use, I drove the car 1000 miles from NorCal to SoCal and back.

The Pilot Assist and adaptive cruise were very necessary, especially in SoCal stop and go traffic. The car drove itself for the majority of the drive / ride. Cabin was very quiet but there is wind noise above 70 mph. Seats are on the firm side.

On each leg of the journey, I stopped at free Electrify America charging stations for thirty minutes twice and ten minutes once. I could have gotten away with two charges had I charged up to 80%, taking 35 minutes on the second charge.

The peak charge rate is 150kw but once the car is about 25% charged, the charge rate slowly decreases. Around 75%, it’s down to about 60kw. So, going from 10% - 80% takes about 35 minutes. To optimize for time, it’s better to charge frequently than top off to over 80%+.

All in all, saved $250 on gas which cost about two hours of time. I am sold on EV for daily drivers. Even long trips with proper planning. I hope the next lease after the Polestar will be able to do the trip to SoCal on one or no charge.


Holy charge taper!?!?!?!?!

Same here. Ive had a gazillion i3, Bolts, Volts, Insight, 330e, etc and for daily regular use they are perfect. For the longer stuff though (or an emergency…try evacuating for a hurricane for instance…not going to work) they are still untenable. But, technology should change that fairly soon.


This definitely is not the best looking charging curve I have ever seen.

It basically looks like all it “wants” is something 50-75 kW, but will tolerate the higher rate for a very quick boost to get someone going.

Once this problem is solved, EVs will be more widely accepted IMO. The average person is not going to tolerate a “fueling rate” of 300 miles in more than about 3 minutes unless it gets extremely cost prohibitive to do so.

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This is definitely one of the areas where audi has their stuff figured out.

As a comparison, this the charging curve for an etron


Oooooof! That is fantastic.

Wow, I kind of wish I didn’t see that. Welp, there’s always hope a software update might beautify that Polestar charge curve a bit.

Still, I look forward to hopping into that vegan interior every day.

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Sadly no longer a slick deal anymore. RV went down from 66% to 64% in November (36 month lease) compared to last month along clean air reward down to 750.

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WTF with all the listings? There’s a TON of these used with 3k miles or less.

Where are you seeing them? I tried cargurus and see only 5 nationwide.

Found 56 on cars.com. Not scarce but when you consider that is an average of barely more than 1 per state, it puts it into perspective.


Ya by ton I should be more clear- of all the listings, new and used, nearly 65% are used with 5k miles or less. A lot with less than 2k, and several with less than 50. The percentage is really skewed.