2021 Mazda CX-5 Touring deal check

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Does anyone know if below is a good deal on a 2021 CX-5 Touring? 33 mo term 10k miles

MSRP = $29510 x 65% = $19181.50 (Residual)
(2) Cap cost: (Selling price $28397.75 + taxes $944.49 = $29341) $29341 - $19181.50= $10159.74 / 33 = $307.89
(3) Cap cost: $29341 + residual $19181.50 = $48522.74 x Money factor .00025 = $12.13
(4) Depreciation: $307.89 + Interest $12.13 = Lease Payment $320.02

I ended up doing 33 mo term, 10k miles, $291 monthly with $2200 down (included all taxes paid upfront, bank fee, processing/dmv fee, gov fee + 1st mo rent)

Not that great at 4% off MSRP before incentives. You should at least be able to double that.

Looks like you already bought it, so what’s done is done. Enjoy it for 3 more years

What dealer? I got that price for the sport

Palisades Mazda… yikes, really? The only other option was $320 with $1363 down included bank fee, dmv, processing, and 1st month rent. What dealer did you use?

What makes no sense is that I dealt with three dealers and they were all in around the same price and couldn’t get past “invoice pricing” Someone else responded that I could get double 8% off… how would that be possible? Very interested to know.

Maybe their sales are doing so well, based on time of yr, maybe they don’t need to offer same incentives…??

The other “best” option was $320 with $1363 down included bank fee, dmv, processing, and 1st month rent. This is also on 33 month lease

How would you be able to get double? All dealers came in around the same pricing ish… and I went back and forth for weeks so it wasn’t just a one and done…

Idk what market you’re in, nor how far you threw your net.

How do you get 8%? Find the right dealership. I didn’t say it would be as easy as emailing a dealer. I said it was doable.

TBH IDK why you’d want to pay that much for a Touring CX-5.

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The only way you could have done better is wait until the last week of this month to see if you could get an end of year special. This is a risk these days. I think you did very well for the current time and given how popular the CX5 is. I was looking at the Touring (I think) in August and could not get anything better than $285 or $290 with $2900 upfront (I forget exact details but it was not amazing). For various reasons it was not my first choice but it is a great car and I have a friend who is so happy with it she considered getting a second one. I ended up getting a Rogue SV as I got a deal I needed a car immediately

I helped a friend negotiate a touring preferred pkg, MSRP $29k for $400/mo, $400 down. Was the best I could do. Ended up finding a 2020 touring (no preferred), CPO, former loaner with 2k miles for $20400. Was out the door for $23000. Getting tougher to get great leases on the CX5’s and after driving most everything out there, I can see why.

The 2020s are leasing well. Someone got a GTR for something like $330 + tax and was offered a GT with premium package for $30 less

Without loyalty and lease-to-lease, I was surprised to learn that $400 was the best I could do. But yeah, with all incentives, you can do well on 2020’s. However, the new high-res infotainment screens on the 2021’s are sooo nice.

Mazda’s track record for new infotainment systems is not that great. Personally I would avoid the 2021s

I’m shocked…

Sorry to bring up an older topic, but I believe mine is related since their December deals ended today. I went in thinking I could get a good deal on the last day, but I was wrong. I went in looking at a 2021 CX-5 touring and found out there are NO incentives and from looking on Edmunds I didn’t see any for November either. The dealer said the most he could do was $1200 off on a $29,575 MSRP, which I think is ridiculous. He was offering me a car with 12k a year $0 down and 1st month due at sign for over $400 including taxes and fees. After we were already annoyed with him and about to leave he said he could probably get us into a Sport for around $290-$300 a month, but I was already done with him so I just said no and left so I didn’t even ask the details. Now that I think about it, maybe I should have asked more about the Sport, may have been worth it.

You did the right thing by leaving. Going in to the dealer unprepared and switching models on the fly without doing any homework is a great way to light money on fire.

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