2021 Lexus ES 350 Ultra Luxury

This is the first offer I got from the sales rep in TX. What can I reasonably bring them down to? It is a 2021 Lexus ES 350 Ultra Luxury with premium package, panorama roof, HUD. Customer cash is the down payment.

We always recommend the following method before you ever contact a dealership. If you do all of the work up front, you’ll have a stress free dealer experience and set yourself for success.

  1. Read Leasing 101 (Blog | LEASEHACKR) to understand how to calculate a lease payment and the variables. Monthly payment is an output, not an input!!
  2. Pick a specific vehicle that you want to target
  3. Gather the current MF, RV and incentives from Edmunds forums for your zip code
  4. Research the LH marketplace and other deals that have been made recently on your vehicle - what was their pre-incentive discount? How did their lease terms differ?
  5. Plug your numbers into the LH calculator (CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR), and use a pre-incentive discount similar to what you have seen
  6. Create a target deal, this is what you’re trying to negotiate to. You can try different terms, selling price discount, etc. and see how your monthly payment is affected. It is also possible that different trims of your vehicle may have different MF and RV (i.e. this is very common with GM), so make sure that you look into that. Come up with a set of inputs that give you the output that you want - your desired monthly payment.

With a target price determined, you now have a deal to pursue and compare dealer offers against. More importantly, you have a solid foundation to work from.


Is this Value Adds for the dealer?


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Over $1000 for a 54K car, you will land yourself in the worst deal section.


This seems like a terrible number… over $900 a month for a $55k car… The dealer gave you no discount on the sales price yet is selling you the car over the MSRP…

Don’t forget the 4k DAS.

Wow. Horrible deal. Shave off 300-400 a month

Jesus I didnt even see that… This dealership is trash…

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Yes, for the dealer

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Run far away from this dealer


This has to be a joke.

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In addition to the “run away screaming”, if you’re even remotely considering this, find a broker.

You should be able to be in closer to $700 with zero down, even with broker fee and shipping.

I have been calling dealerships getting quotes and I have to say dealerships are now really starting to throw out ridiculously ridiculously ridiculously stupid numbers. I know production is slow and many lots are drying up but damn there is some really inflated leasing numbers going on. Maybe car companies are seeing the equity build in everyone’s leases so they are taking advantage of that by literally increasing numbers across the board.

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I think this maybe sewell, but I forget who it was since Texas has so many of the same dealer groups operating multiple stores for the same brand. Anyways, when the dealer gave me a similar quote on another Lexus model, I asked him point blank what the ADMs were exactly…still waiting on that reply…

Resistall…joke for spray some bottle solution and wipe to make things shiny!

Just to sum up, this is a really bad deal, they are selling you a car with no discount, some useless add-on for $1,500, not sure what m.f. is but it doesn’t matter at this point. I will run far away from this dealer.

Look at marketplace section on this site for shared deals and broker offerings to see what’s possible.

I don’t actually need the car anytime soon, so I’m planning on saying “this is the deal I want” and if they get close I’ll take it or otherwise I’ll wait. I’m just having trouble figuring out what would be fair for both sides. You think zero down and $700/mo? If they do match it, what other things do you need to look out for with this type of dealer?

Who tf would pay $700/month for an ES?


Have you thought of working through any of the brokers? Just pulled up a search on ES350 on the forum and @AutoCompanion looks like they have some units.

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Thanks! I PM’d him an offer to assist about 20 minutes ago! We are very active here.



Maybe someone will come along and post step by step instructions for how to determine this.