2021 Land Rover Defender D90 X-Dynamic 6-Cylinder Turbo

I know this is bad, I’m just curious what the experts think as to why.

MSRP 67,095
Market Value Selling Price 70,095
Doc Fee 85
Tax 16
CA TIF 192
Vehichle License Fee 484
Registration 64
CHP Fee 28
License Plate 11
DMV Electronic Filiing 30
Tire Fee 8.75
Acquisition Fee 895
Balance 71,909

36 month lease / 10k Annual Miles
MF .00228

CASH DOWN $2288 / $1285 monthly
CASH DOWN $3000 / $1263 monthly
CASH DOWN $5000 / $1201 monthly

Residual $37,574

Thank you in advance.



It’s a 2021
The RV is trash
The MF is trash
And it’s over MSRP

Best to do your research on the various trims and terms in advance. Then you can calculate on your own and avoid heartburn by asking for a quote and getting this back.


Lol where do i begin

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You can check few other Defender topics here, including mine to get some additional data points. One of the main tricks is that RV and MF varies pretty widely between trims and terms. For example for 110s, best was 24/10, 33/10 combos, 36 was already worse.

Did you mean ‘calculate on your own and avoid heartburn by asking for a quote and getting this back’ as in doing the Edmunds thing to find MF + residual and then calculating and telling a salesperson that the deal I figure out is what I’m looking for?

They’re pulling some ‘that’s just how the market is’ BS and telling me about how they’re selling D90s / 110s for $10k over MSRP. This one started at 5k over MSRP.

Thanks (and nice Defender!) – salesperson is saying 24/10 isn’t good.

The data points only get you so far if they’re not budging.

at the end.

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Is the salesperson saying? Or did you check for yourself on Edmunds? Salespeople say a lot of things to get a deal - check the data points yourself first to negotiate effectively.

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Posted on Edmunds but haven’t gotten a reply yet. I can plug the Edmunds info into the calculator here after I get it and see what the ‘real’ numbers tell me.

You should find out the programs for the cars you’re looking at and calculate it in advance to determine what is required in order for the deal to make sense for you.

Let’s say you found out the RV and MF. Calculated the lease at MSRP.

What if the numbers still suck?

Well, you’ve done the work yourself and figured the outcome without needing to even speak to anyone at a dealer.

Now, you have a quote you know is bad but you have no idea why.

Empower yourself w the knowledge and calculate in advance. It’ll save you a lot of time.


They may be not budging on sales prices, but MF/RV is set by finance company. They can jack up MF, but not RV

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Not good

Not good

Either find a dealer that will sell at MSRP, or find another car. My $0.02.


Tell me if I’m wrong but can’t you lease a Range Rover sport for the same price or less maybe . 1200 a month 5000 down as you stated

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SoCal is a brutal market to buy a Defender in right now. Dial around and I bet you can find a 22 90 at sticker.

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This is a hot car so expect to pay. SoCal dealers are adding $15k for 110 trims and they are selling like hot cakes.

Edit: 3k over MSRP is very good in SoCal, I think because it’s a 21 MY. Most dealers I talked to didn’t budge in $7k-$10k markup range for D90s. And it was a month ago.

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Isn’t the car ugly though?


true. they’re all over LA! when you say ‘dial around’ you mean outside of socal? or other states?



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Order the car from the northeast. :face_with_monocle:. Land Rover Manhattan should be selling at sticker. It’s not a car that sells like hot cakes here

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Fun fact, Land Rover Mission Viejo had the 110 Trophy listed with $50k markup, I forget to take the picture, now it’s already gone.