2021 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe $9600 One Pay

I know you are all bored but here is another Jeep Sharia deal to share.

“Some say that he’s a CIA experiment that went wrong, and that he only eats cheese. All we know is he’s not the Stig, but he is the Stig’s American Cousin.”

Thanks to the man the myth the legend @spockvr6 :grinning: I landed on this great deal with zero effort while sitting on my couch sipping my ice tea.

One pay includes tax, tag and first year registration. It took 5 weeks from the order date to car to arrive to the dealer. The deal is not replicable anymore.


Fantastic deal :ok_hand:t2: Enjoy in good health


Great deal @spockvr6 is the man, my brother ordered from them as well. I’m going to have to hit them up on the next SRT.

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No one is going to get tired of $267/mo Wranglers!


And really, all of the credit for deals like this actually goes to @28firefighter…He was the first to bring this madness to us :slight_smile:

That said, I do like cheese🤪


Bravo and amazing work!

Some regions for Jeep don’t even have one-pay as an option in the programs this month for the Wrangler 4xe.


And agree that @spockvr6 (Larry Legend) is the man. One of the best there is!


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I am beyond thrilled to see deals like this beating mine. Well done!


Theres only one of those.


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Thank you, this deal wouldn’t be possible without your efforts.

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Is it the tax credits that are pushing these rides cheaper than a Hyundai elantra??

It’s cool that it’s a mix of electric hybrid and fuel but 1 article I read said that they average only 24mpgs?

What is representing the $50,000 price Tag on these things??? The fact it’s a 4xe?

I think what is drawing people to these is the fact that, if you wanted a wrangler in the first place, the hybrid version does everything a standard Wrangler would do without compromise. It simply adds the hybrid flexibility (whether one uses it or care about it or not).

As far as what is driving the deals on these, it’s the same as any other car. There is a favorable combination of incentives and discounts that make it attractive.


Wow ! That’s insane. I pay more for a camry :sweat:

Enjoy your vehicle ! And post some pic


Wowza ! Awesome deal ! Congrats.

Leasehacking done right


is the $7500 rebate the Federal EV rebate, or something from Jeep separately? Can you get a deal even close to these right now?

It’s the Federal EV Rebate. Msrp is higher now and dealers are giving less discount.

I’ve always wanted a wrangler. This was a low cost entry for me to try one - and so far, I love the damn thing. Definitely not the best EV or PHEV out there.

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Too true. Like all vehicles, it has to meet your current needs, and this is especially the case for these ‘mall crawlers’…(let’s face it, few go off-road). A niche vehicle like the 4xE is the epitome of a ‘lifestyle’ buy, and in my case I wanted all electric around town: check!, and gas for longer road trips so not tied down to charger searches: check! Not a vehicle for everyone.

That $7500 credit is boss!!!