2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe - RV + MF Over past few months

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This may be a silly question, or there may not be an answer but I need help.
I’m trying to custom order a 4xe with a dealer because they’re able to give me almost 10% off MSRP. The issue is i can’t negotiate exact numbers until the car arrives 2 months from now.

the car will be registered in 33018 and the dealers zip is 37172. Which is the one that will be used?

I was told RV and MF for 36/15k are currently at 60% / standard MF (idk if standard is .00172 or .002, which is correct?

Does RV and MF change from month to month? Has it changed for this model specifically in the last couple months? If so, is it more likely that the RV goes up or down in 2 months? Same for MF, please.

I’m scared of getting screwed by this deal 2 months from now but a buddy of mine was the one who referred this to me and he got a heck of a deal and I would love to do the same. Any guidance would be appreciated.

RV will typically go down. MF could go up or down, there’s really no telling. Assuming that the supply situation is no worse, usually in the absence of a model year changeover, as RV goes down, sometimes MF will too to compensate to make the deal about the same. But this all depends on market conditions and supply.

There is a huge Wrangler 4xe thread with tons of info. Have you read it?

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Can you link it here? I’m new t leasehackr. I get lost easily, lol

Thank you! I’m just hoping it doesn’t change drastically, you know?

Your questions and ones you didn’t even have yet, are answered there.

Short answer is that 00172 is the current standard Chrysler money factor and that residual seems correct for 15k. You absolutely can lock in this month’s programs if you are working with a dealer that knows how/wants to do it. It’s called Sold Order Protection. The aforementioned 4xe thread will elaborate further.

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