2021 HIGHLANDER Blowout Deals Gas and Hybrid $325+TTF 39/10 LIMITED $375+TTF PLATINUM $425+TTF Nationwide

Typically I only post deals on my main thread, but wanted to make people in other parts of the country aware of the deals on Highlander this month that they should be able to replicate. I don’t have many units in stock personally to offer, so hackers looking for this deal should take advantage of the huge incentive, and negotiate their own deal. If your dealer doesn’t do 3rd party banks you should be able to get close to these numbers with TFS and multiple security deposits.

For toyotathon there’s $2000-$2500 incentive on highlanders this month. Unheard of and I’ve never seen pricing this low. If you can negotiate 11% off msrp these deals should be repeatable in other areas. If not just shoot me a message and I can get one for you if there’s any left and help arrange shipping.

I don’t believe there’s another 3 row 7-8 seat vehicle with leather standard close to these prices in any brand. If you want me to get pricing for you just follow the instructions below or check out my link.


These are moving fast folks. Get them now as this is the best deal for a 7/8 seat AWD vehicle out there. Just my fee of $500 and first month down! 36 months is about $15/mo more. All pricing below based on 39/10. Gap insurance and Toyota Care maintenance included. No msds allowed on these or other added incentives.

Xle and Xle hybrid start around $385/mo tax tags fees included. $43k msrp!

Limited and limited hybrid $450/mo tax tags fees inc.

Platinum Hybrid $500/mo tax tags fees inc. (no platinum gas available)

Text me:

the EXACT vehicle you want (pick 2 just in case it’s sold) options and certain colors will add to the price slightly

Your zip code

Miles per year

Approx credit score





Have you seen any deals yet on the new XSE model? Beautiful vehicle but with being brand new for 2021 wasn’t sure if a lease could be hacked yet on it.

I have one in grey/red coming end of month. They will lease well

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That brown leather interior - love it! Is it white exterior?

That’s a platinum. They’re listed in the spreadsheet. Interior is glazed Carmel

Is the ash interior the grayish color?

image image

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Damn, I want to jump on one of these deals. Let me see if I can get out of my current lease somehow…

Looks like only the Platinum trim have the heated rear seat. I was looking bench seat in the rear. Sigh.

I have a red and a black exterior platinum gas available now too!

How do these deals work if you have a trade? I am pretty sure I am VERY close to your dealer if they needed to appraise, I have a KBB ICO for my trade

Get a Carvana offer as a backup if you don’t like what they offer you. I don’t get involved and my deals can’t be contingent on trade ins

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