2021 grand cherokee L


Has anybody been getting lease quotes on this vehicle?


trying to get in one for $500 month right now

quotes so far are in the 6s

too new (hot)

How are you coming up with this number?
What is the MSRP of the car you are looking at?
What is the RV and MF? What are your mileage requirements? Do you plan to pay fees and first month at signing?

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$3000-$5000 down from trade in

msrp $55265-$55860

Still doesn’t answer the question of how you came up with $500.

no rebates
low RV
high MF

Assuming a $5000 down payment, then your REAL target monthly payment is (($5000 ÷ 36 months) + $500) = $639.
This assuming you are looking at a 36 month lease.

With or without your trade-in or a down payment?

ok you lost me

msrp $55265-$55860

$5000 down from trade in

jeeps usually are 39-48 months

how would my target be $639 thats more than my truck hahaha

I am not suggesting targeting $639 as the monthly. I used your own numbers to calculate the monthly YOU WERE targeting.

So assuming a 39 month lease, if you use your $5k trade-in as a down payment, your REAL TARGET monthly you stated adds up to (($5000 ÷ 39) + $500) = $629/month.

I strongly suggest reading up on Leasing 101. It is not recommended putting any money down on a lease. If the car is stolen or totalled, that money is gone. Get a check for your trade-in. DO NOT use as as down payment.

When you say quotes are in the 600s, what is the breakdown? How much $$ due at signing? How many miles per year? You are missing lots of info.

Again, if all this is foreign to you please read up on the basics of leasing.


Didn’t ask for lease pricing when I looked at Grand Cherokee Ls this weekend in Overland and Summit Reserve trims, but the dealer I was speaking to north of Boston was asking for $3,500 and $5,000 over sticker market adjustments respectively for those two trim levels.

No sense in talking about lease numbers at that point.

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@Mopar_Mike is advertising GC L’s for $639 with $2300 DAS. Seems like a much better deal then others are quoting here, and with $5000 DAS that would get you into the 5xx’s.


exactly this isnt my first rodeo someone will get close to 500month

remem its a grand cherokee were talking about here hahahaha

just had someone tell me they cant lease out of state ?

That certainly may be their store’s policy

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as in illegal

illegal? Huh? You aren’t saying them denying to service you is illegal, are you? Because there is nothing illegal about that.

Are you asking if it’s illegal for them to do business with someone out of state or if it’s illegal for them to choose not to do business with someone out of state?

they said its illegal hahahaha

Based on what info? What discount gets you to that monthly? This is a brand new SUV.

This makes for a not so great lease.

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