2021 grand cherokee L


inflation data

“Inflation data” isn’t a number.

If you want to have a realistic target price, the only way to get there is to use real numbers. It does no good to pull numbers out of the air based on how they feel.


Supply and demand will dictate pricing in this current market.

Good luck with your search.

exactly cpi

Either put together a calculator with real numbers or quit trolling

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the calculator is linked above?

OH, well, if it is any consolation, as soon as a salesperson or finance person says something idiotic like that, it isn’t typically someone you want to do business with anyway. :wink:

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ohio cannot lease out of state

Well that’s not true.

Hell, here is a county in Ohio giving explicit instructions on what to do if you lease from out of state:

falls motor city jeep

georgesville performance jeep

i can also give you names

Someone WILL get close to 500 a month because you are putting so much money down. By that logic you could lease anything you want for $500 a month if you put enough money down.

Other posters in here have tried to explain it to you as well, I really suggest reading up on the leasing 101 here, it will definitely help you in your search!

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Names of people who don’t know what they are doing? I wouldn’t have enough days remaining in my life to write such a list.


Lots of dealers don’t want to deal with the hassle of leasing out of state, and if they tell you they can’t instead of they won’t, they make someone else the bad guy.

Negotiated a deal for an XT6 for my aunt and uncle. Dealer in Ohio, they live in PA.

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my bison is 500 month hahaha

you could be in a gladiator for 500 month hahaha

I’d rather be in a GCL than a gladiator.

I’m still not sure what point you’re trying to make here.


He’s made zero points, and obviously can’t, just spouting useless banter.

I’m leasing a 110k Escalade for 200/month! Doesn’t matter if I have to put down 30k…


too new (hot)