2021 COROLLA $250 out the door, 0 DAS, 12k/36 month. Good Deal?

Currently in Clearwater Florida. I’ve been trying to negotiate down but they are telling me that 185 a month given the circumstances is impossible. Talked to 3 dealers and have been told the same. Is this gonna be the best deal I can get

What is this target price based on?

Are there much in the way of comps supporting 14% pre-incentive? Also, your mf doesn’t make sense. Is that from edmunds?

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not from what it seems. Just got quoted 50 above by a comp. It is

14% off AND $2k incentive? On a Corolla? I find that really hard to believe. Where did these numbers come from?


Edmunds doesn’t quote MFs to 6 digits, because nobody gives MFs to 6 digits

And no one has given those numbers in the edmunds forum for the month of May for the corolla.

You should post in the edmunds forum for the corolla and ask for rv/mf/incentives for your zip for this month


Is that the corolla LE base?

Nope. LE is a few hundred more. That has to be the L with maybe floor mats or some such nonsense for $130.

this is the LE

MSRP on a no-option LE is $21430

Get the SE or XSE… much better looking than the LE/L

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This is the ppwrk

None of the numbers you’ve put into your calculator are on there.

Well, ok, some of them are… but the MSRP is way different, the $2k rebate doesn’t exist. There’s no listing for rv/mf, etc


Based on what I’ve seen for Toyota leases, 15% off MSRP is near impossible.

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An LE? Nah way too much for an LE base model.

What I could recommend is the honda civic. Last year models are leaving and new model year is coming, you can score a deal on the leftovers right now

Agree, if you’re driving a corolla it’s best to get the SE or XSE with some cool trim. Maybe throw the hybrid model in there

The other day I called up to get a toyota Camry XSE 2.5 lease quote, they wouldn’t budge under $600 a month.

I said $600? $600 a month for a camry? Haaa

Given the climate, this very well may be the best deal out there. Hard to tell currently what’s a great deal.

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I park next to a guy in a white 2021 Corolla SE at my gym (he’s there every morning) and it’s not a bad grocery-getter / commuter car .

18” wheels, aerodynamic bodykit etc.

I mean, other than that it’s still a Corolla. The LE has steelies with hubcaps etc. it’s hideous.

Good luck in your hunt OP

FYI . Make sure you check the residual and MF for each trim of the Corolla so you can do a comparison. Sometimes the higher trim can make more sense per dollar etc