2021 COROLLA $250 out the door, 0 DAS, 12k/36 month. Good Deal?

Corolla, Elantra, Forte, Civic etc are all pretty interchangeable.

However! Most cars do not lease well. This is truer now than it has ever been.

Check out the “Share a Deal” and “Marketplace” sections of LH forums to see what’s leasing well and narrow down your search.

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If you can get a 250 corolla $0 das sign that shit ASAP, in Florida hard to believe


So your calculator should look more like this. But you need to confirm your MF/RV/incentives with Edmunds. The fact they are giving you that massive discount off MSRP is really unbelievable. As Jim said above, this seems like a deal you should jump on, IF it is the car you want and if you need a car right now.

It’s just not possible. Even at lake okeechobee Toyota in bumble Florida…it’s a bait and switch. Text book. He will be $40/mo higher at least all said and done on an le

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Be careful with this specific dealer. I had a deal on paper sent to me… Same format… I called to have them get car ready and say I was on my way, then manager swapped price on me and said he couldn’t honor it due to shortage. Wanted $75 higher payment.

check out the dealer reviews on cars.com of that dealer. Seems to be a trend.

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@Cfigueroa85 @Jrouleau426
Tried to negotiate a bit further and was able to get them down to $0 down, $240 a month.

This does seem a bit too good to be true. All the other dealerships were shocked that they got it down to $250. I sent an email seeing if we can finish out the process with some E-Signatures without having to go into the dealership. Wouldn’t have even know if it wasn’t for ya’ll. Greatly appreciate the knowledge.

I’ll keep you updated on whether I actually got the deal or not. Not holding my breath.

How in need of a car are.you right now? Do you have another car you are driving?
$240 is still too high but some believe this is the deal of a lifetime. I think $240 for a base LE is crazy. Try your hand at other cars in that lower trim category. Also how many dealers are you shopping at the moment?

The market is what it is. Nobody said deal of a lifetime. But deal of the day? Possibly. What is a better deal right now? Cars that were under $200 just a couple of weeks ago are also in the 240 range, such as Forte. Even the Venue SE is now $220. If you have a cheaper idea, share it rather than just crapping on his current deal with nothing to back it up.


I hope this is not a bait and switch, $240 $0 for this is great for Carpocolypse 2021, good luck OP!!!

No one’s discounting Corollas right now and Courtesy Toyota is Top 15 Toyota dealership in the country. Sign now

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Would love resolution on this. What happened?

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They agreed to 240 and 0 down. However car is still being delivered. They agreed to drive it to me and we’ll get everything signed at that point.

I tried to get everything signed through the online process but it was giving me preset prices, and apparently they had no control over that.

Hopefully not a bait and switch but ill lyk.

15% off with $8-900 Florida doc fees. Something is rotten in Denmark. If they’re driving it to you, kudos. Might want to take pics of the contract and post them here while you tell the sales guy you have to take a dump.

They may have shown inflated MSRP to make it look like a huge discount.

I think you meant $180. He is already getting a deal for $250 with $0 DAS.

This was a base LE corolla, right?

Any update on this? Just curious.

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