2021 BMW X3 s30



I’m getting a 2021 BMW X3 sDrive (new, not demo), please advise on the deal below:

Selling Price / Net Cap Cost
MSRP: $46,695
Discount: -$5,136.45
Selling Price: $41,558.55
Capped Acquisition Fee: +$925
Gross Capped Cost: $42,483.55

MF / Residual / Lease Term
MF: .00082
Residual: 55%
Residual Value: $25,682.25
Lease Term: 36

Monthly Payment
Monthly Tax (7%): $29.58
Monthly Depreciation: $369.49
Monthly Finance Charge: $53.03
Total Monthly Payment: $452.10

Due at Signing
Down Payment (Credits/Incentives/OL): $3,500
First Month Payment: $452.10
Florida Dealer Fees: $799
Government Fees: $367.50
Sales Tax Due Upfront: $301.00
Total Due at Signing: $5,419.60
Lease Credit: -1,750.00
Loyalty Discount: -$750.00
OL Code BMW: -$500
OL Code Dealer: -$500
Net Total Due at Signing: $1,919.60

Thanks for the feedback.

This is essentially the gold standard BMW brokered deal right now. Very solid considering FL taxes and fees.

MSDs would be the only reasonable advice if you aren’t planning to swap out early.


I agree. If I could get that deal, I would get one. But this is making me think it is possible.

I would rather take a higher optioned demo

I will try it! I had not realized that BMW dealers post their loaners on their website. Just found a treasure trove of them here in Los Angeles. Including a couple with < 10 miles (though they are more than a year old as defined by production date).

another trick is to search in cargurus.com for used cars and set a filter for cars with max 5k miles. You can also search for CPO cars. Good luck!

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