2021 BMW x3 May/June 2021

Is current may lease program for BMW x3 considered good or bad? Given how the world is going im guessing it will only worsen for the time being? Without disclosing much I was offered a 2021 x3 s drive with premium for 399 a month with 2500 down.

I know its all speculation and no one knows. Just curious what your thoughts are

My thoughts are, if you’re comfortable paying at least $468 a month for the X3, get it. You said it yourself, you aren’t disclosing much so I don’t know how much help could be offered.

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Questions like this get asked all the time and there’s no good answer. It sounds like you already know this but asked anyway. I just don’t know what thoughts you’re looking for since you’re already aware that nobody can see the future.

Programs are not great but they haven’t been for a while. Nobody knows what they will look like in 3-4 months. If you feel comfortable with the current offer, take it. If you don’t, wait and continue searching. There isn’t much else to it.


I think this is a good deal. I have not seen any X3 being offered at below 4xx in the last few months. But also depends on MSRP and $2500 down details.

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Worse. For sure.


You might not get the same deal even if program gets better.

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Lol nope. My contact who offered that said it was a typo. It’s 499 with 2.5k DAS 36/10 with premium and parking

I am in the market for an X3 as well and am very close to taking delivery of lease $465 month with $500 down. Check brokers.

Any options on that x3?

Base, prob has Convenience Package. Taking delivery tomorrow thanks to EZAutoGroup.

What’s the point of doing 500 down? That’s a strange number…

Isn’t a new x3 due for 22?

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I didn’t want to put a lot down in case I sell it down the line.

How much did putting 500 down save you? I get why some people do a larger amount and 0 down but I’m trying to understand what the small amount gets folks.

I’m sure everyone has their own reasons but I put down $500 on my Bolt a few weeks ago just to trigger an Amex business promotion for statement credit. If I was trying to hit a different bonus, I’d have done that as an alternative.


A small amount is done for any reason and is never a right or wrong way around it. Yes we know you lose it if the car is totaled. We can lose so many things in life.

In the past, I’ve decided on a down payment to have a favorable debt to income ratio for other financial purposes. I paid my $4K in fees (which is not a cap cost but still money spent upfront on a lease) on a néw Chase Sapphire for $750 bonus so 18.75% return right there.

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Issue right now isn’t promos and rebates , all tho yes some are less than they used to be, it’s not a huge swing in payment, what has gotten worse is % off from dealers before rebates, due to demand being super high but supply low, until supply and demand balance out, dealers have no reason to play ball, sometimes you will find one particular model that they are willing to play ball on to move but otherwise as far as when it will be fine again that’s hard to say. I’m currently wrapping up my lease and had all intention to lease 5 series but now the math don’t make sense, when dealers and brokers offering 5-6% less in discount for someone ordering or even lot purchase.

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Yeah I’m not arguing one way or another. Just trying to understand it. If someone is using it to hit a credit card spend that makes sense. But I can’t imagine it’s reducing payments really much.

A lot of the BMW leases are $100-200 higher per month purely because of lower incentives/lower RVs.

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Did you read my response, I said not huge swing in payment for rebates but the discount giving by dealer before rebates that did get worse because of what I explained in my reply.