2021 BMW X3 M Sports Activity 700-800$/month $0 Down + TTL

PND# 2021 BMW X3 M Sports Activity 700-800$/month, $0 Down + TTL

looking for this car. Any help to get this car in Texas. Just keep staring in the Leashackr forum for past two years and hesitant to get a car thinking to get a good deal and good car. Big thanks in advance !

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If you’ve been reading LH for 2 years then you should be well versed in what you need to do.

Ask on the Edmunds Forums for the MF, RV, and any incentives for your zip code. Research past deals and current broker listings to get an idea of what pre-incentive discount is realistic for the current market.

Then, use the LH Calculator to build your target deal based on your research. Once you have the Calculator set up its easy to play with the inputs to see how much discount you’ll need to reach your payment target.

That said, given the current inventory shortage and everything else, I think you’ll find that getting an $82k X3M in the $700/800’s with minimal DAS is a pipe dream in the current market.


That’s closer to a regular X3 right now.


So you are getting an X3 M for $700-$800 a month right now with $0 at signing?


Do you need a car now? What car are.you currently driving? I hope you are aware of current market conditions.

:point_up::point_up:What they said.

What are you looking for here? If you are looking for help to get this car please seek a broker or check Marketplace. If you have specific questions about a lease deal you are looking to make please be more prescriptive in your questions and provide information that you have already gathered.


Hi , could you help me to get this car

Thanks Jeff… I understand current situation. We went to buy Honda Accord and teller there are shortage in the market since production affected.

Any help by broker would be helpful. Since not familiarity in car buying. Driving month on month rent 2018 toyata Camry for 450$ for 1200 miles pm. Thanks in advance.

2018 Camry to X3M is quite the power move

Love it



Could afford 350$ more dollars​:grinning::joy:

Not happening without big down payment.

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May be I am over expecting. Should look for cars around 700/month for lease .not to target this car for 800$>> . Let me look for upcoming pnd deals in Lh. Actually liked the pnd of Bmw x 330i for 414$/ month… missed and looking for similar deals.

I can get a base-ish 3 into the low 4’s with $2-3K drive offs until end of month.

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