2021 BMW 540xi Bernina Grey W Cognac

Took delivery at the very end of December thanks to @Bostoncarconcierge

Loving the color combo so far, and glad I stepped up to the 540 engine.
Build includes:
Premium Package
Shadowline package
M sport blue calipers
Jet black rims

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW 540xi
MSRP: $69,835
Selling Price: $61,454 (12%) before incentives
Monthly Payment: $ 642
Drive-Off Amount: $ 2,400 (includes 150 for registration runner service)
Annual Mileage:12,000
MF: .00082
Residual: 58%
Incentives: 1500 lease incentive, 500 penfed
Region: New England
Leasehackr Score: 8.8
Leasehackr Calculator Link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR


Love the paint color!!

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I love the exterior color.

I love the interior color.

I’m not sure if I love them at the same time.

Looks like a solid deal.


Fantastic deal! Congrats! And beautiful color might I say :wink:

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How do you like the cognac interior with the paint color, sir? :laughing:


I do love the black wheels, lights and grille on the color. Makes me want to get black grille at least

I love cognac and bernina grey but not sure on same car haha.
Our X3 has carbon black/cognac and 540 has bernina/black.

Also looks like a good price. Nice job grabbing PenFed. :+1:

I typically prefer a less common color combo and get very bored with black interior cars. Doesn’t surprise me at all if the combo doesn’t appeal to the majority. The cognac makes the interior very bright which is a nice change from my last car which was black.

I love it and that’s what matters. That and the deal was solid. Penfed was a nice add-on that I learned from this forum.


Cognac! Cognac! Cognac! :grin:

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Well said. If you’re happy with the car and the deal, nothing else really matters. Enjoy in good health!

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Nice job Mike!

People are loving the color that they forgot to comment on the deal :joy::joy::joy:.
Congrats good deal and great looking car.

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Great looking car and great deal. I’m a little bias as I have the exact same car on order through a broker on here. Same exact interior/exterior/rim color combo and everything. I went with the red M sport brakes. Can’t wait to get her.



That color combo is SICK!

Enjoy the new ride!!!

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You will not be disappointed, it looks even better in person. Congrats and enjoy your new ride.

Seems like a good deal!

Apples and Oranges but I was quoted $798/mth on a 36 mth/12k per year for a $62k 530i XDrive in a 7.5% tax area last week and the rebates were actually better here (1750 lease + 500 OL Code). I guess certain areas of the country dealers are a bit more realistic.


What was the pre-incentive discount?

5%, it was a smaller dealer that I tried to give a shot to. I got offers for $680 at bigger dealers near me last month but I decided to wait since I didn’t want to go over $600, they were closer to 10%. Figure I’ll be greedy and wait it out for now.

I bet there’s a few brokers on here that would like the chance to beat that. I just watched the deal sheets for a while and pounced when it hit the number I wanted. I only have one bmw dealer in my state so shopping on my own was a tall order.

If you’re moving on a car now nevermind but if you have 60 days sign up for penfed, it was an easy additional 500 incentive but you need to be a member for 60 days.

I appreciate that. I keep looking at those sheets but I (maybe foolishly) think I can match it or do better myself since I’ve got 4 dealers near me and I’ve bought and leased many cars. The only thing new to me this time is we don’t have a trade in so I’d assume it would be easier. It’s really not been.

Ironically, I just went and signed up for Penfed this afternoon. I’ve got another OL code that expires this month but if I can’t get anything done I can wait to March. I also plan on buying (not leasing) another BMW later this year or early 2022 so I figure it’s worth it.

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