2021 BMW 540i Two Year Lease


An effective $961+tax on a 540i…ouch!!

Congrats, nonetheless. While unpopular among fellow LHs, the heart wants what it wants.


You put down $5,250…


Yup just figured it out. Ouch indeed but BMW FS were going to decline finance otherwise.

Enjoy the car. What’s done is done. Show us some pics

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On the foreign program is MSD’s or if your finances allow is a one-pay an option?

This is an absolutely horrible deal. You’ve been told this over and over yet continue to ignore everyone’s advice and just plow ahead with your optioned up custom order at hilariously low discount. So I’m not sure why you keep asking questions or what your goal is here unless you’re hoping that someone will validate it for you (hint: they won’t).

Thank you for your service. Folks like you make good deals possible for the rest of us :+1: I’m not sure what the point of lighting a bunch of money on fire is, but as long as you’re happy you do you.

You’d likely never get approved for this transfer, but as everyone else has said this is M5 or (insert here bunch of better vehicles) money.



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Really hope you enjoy the car. If you plan on transferring be ready to put down a fat incentive.

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Did BMWFS actually decline or is that what your dealership said? From what I heard, the Foreign Executive Program has Tier 2 rate… Not 3.

6% discount is pretty bad, but MY2021 is not a month old. Especially if this is an LCI, I guess it makes sense?

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Running the calculator, I think he got 0% off… Look at his contract. His cap cost is same as MSRP

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Foreign Executive Program is just a nicer name that enables BMWFS to lease cars to none permanent residence in US, it’s a legit program tho. But I don’t believe the program per se limits the MF, your credit score/history matters but I could be wrong.

On the other hand your deal is atrocious. I know you’ve spent a lot so you need to be happy but that’s to a reasonable extent.

HOLY F, the calculator makes it look like a -ve discount (actual MSRP mark-up). What am I missing?

Shouldn’t total sum up to 36428.88 (31178.88+5250)?

OMG if those numbers are right…might be better off buying it. Then sell it after two years.

@malpatti Can I know which dealer this was? It would be my first place to shop for the next unicorn

anyone who can afford a monthly car payment of $1K, doesn’t / shouldn’t care if its a “deal”



I can afford a $1k car payment. Doesn’t mean I should pay that much


Dealer fees are wrong. What the hell are you thinking, they better get a nice boat.

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They increased the discount by $250 in the above quote… plus $750 corporate discount off on the agreed value of the vehicle. Lease incentive is taken from the drive off figure. To get 90% of MSRP as finance value to make BMW FS comply. And in two years yes I’m prepared to incentivize to get rid of it, if I don’t stay here…

do you mind sharing the window sticker, would love to see the build config…