2021 BMW 540i Two Year Lease


Hi folks

I’ve got a 2021 BMW 540i XDrive on order, should be in my hands in the next 6-8 weeks. I’d like to have a new car every 2 years, yes it’s a luxury I know and I’ll be paying a lot for the depreciation but hey, life is short. I’ve got $2500 down on it to secure the build slot and I’d love to hear your thoughts on how I could make this work. Plus I see there’s cost benefits in (usually) not having to replace tires and brakes within 24 months.

Price is $66985 after dealer discounts, prior to any new incentives I could apply in August/September (I should be able to get at the very least $2000 more off through my corporate program which has to be updated for 2021 models but let’s ignore that for now). Dealer conveyance and registration and fees is $1350 on top.

Running it through their online “Accelerate My Deal” lease calculator (which does calculates taxes for here in Boston 02118 and adds acquisition fees etc) I have a lease repayment of $1339/month for 24mo/12000 miles.

Is that right?? What do you think is the BMW residual on this?

Thank you

Welcome to the LeaseHackr forum. I suggest you read Leasing 101 and utilize the search function to gain context on what kind of payment this car is worth.

The displayed deal is the type of payment one would make on an M5, M8, or X5 M.


Thank you! Great to be here. I did do a lot of reading, I plugged the numbers into the calculator and assumed a MF of .00137 and a residual of 64% which gets me to $1061 which is a big difference to the quote from the dealers website. Which is why I wanted to validate what the residual might be with you guys on a new 2021 BMW (which I understand BMWFS sets) and what kind of rip-off MF they are trying on :slight_smile:

Leasehackr calculator link

Are the 2021 numbers even released? Regardless, this is a huge rip off, borderline insane numbers. Why wouldn’t you ever consider taking on a 3 year lease at a normal payment and transfer out in 2 years?

Your calculation is incorrect as the DAS amounts don’t match.

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Fixed! New payment after tax is $1,173. Still quite a difference… I assume residual / MF is off.

Dude… you can get a 100K M5 for this money…why are you set on your custom order?

What is your budget?

Are you ok with spending $1100/mo?
You can get an m5 with every bell and whistle for roughly the same amount.

Your payment should be a little less than half of $1100.

I would strongly advise not to get a custom build, 68k is a quite average build for a 540, you could pick up a 75k build for $600/$700, better yet find that exact 68k build and pay to ship it if you can’t find one within a couple hundred miles of you.

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It is a lot, but I want the new 2021 and only for 24 months. I optioned it up, here’s the build sheet:

24 month programs for BMW’s are, generally speaking, awful.

I get that you don’t mind paying more for a 24 mo term, life is short, yada yada yada, however that 24 mo payment is literally more than double what you would be paying per month on a 36 mo term.

As mentioned above, your best bet by a long shot is to do a normal 36 month term, then just transfer out of the lease after 18-24 mos or whenever you’re ready for something else. Accomplishes exactly the same thing for half the price.


A fool and his money are soon parted.

That’s all that needs to be said here


Actually, 24m programs arent that bad. There is a 6% residual bump. The issue is 1) very weak dealer discount 2) lack of incentives 3) bumped up MF.

EDIT: 24m programs ARE BAD

ah ok, I see you want a 2021… makes sense.

However my point still stands, find a '21 on the lot and do 12% off + incentives, guaranteed you will be under $750. (Provided inventory levels get back to “normal” or more “normal”)

Your build isn’t really all that custom, most cars have premium, phytonic blue isn’t a super rare color, and the cognac is often found with phytonic, maybe not the dakota leather but if you pick up the luxury seating package you will get upgraded leather with contrast stiching, drivers assistance is also not a very hard package to find.

Again you might go overboard and find a phytonic with executive package, luxury seating, drivers assistance, etc etc but you are still going to end up doing better than $1100/mo.

That was before. I think it’s only 4% or so now.

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ah didn’t know that changed. Ok then, 36m is the way to go .

Ok great! So get a buyout figure? Or get a new lease? I thought dealers marked up new leases.

TRANSFER it to someone at the 24m mark.

no transfer the lease as in somebody takes over your monthly payment,

problem here is @j_e_f_f he’s gonna have a high monthly for a not so high spec car, I don’t think that is a viable option in this situation. Nobody’s gonna want a $800+/mo 540. Not even on swapalease where $700/mo m550s sit.

On the BMW forums, folks are finding there’s limited supply and dealers aren’t discounting on 2021 models much just yet.

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Yeah, so wait. Get hammered or wait. Your two options.

Depends how bad you need a car.