2021 BMW 330i Xdrive lease numbers


I am currently looking forward to leasing a BMW 330i - Xdrive. I tried negotiating with the dealer to lower the monthly payment to $490 from $509.

After leaving the dealership, I figured out MF is 0.00133 which is marked up all the way through, and with MSDs it was lowered to 0.00105.

I’m going to negotiate on that. (i.e. MF = 0.00093 without MSDs and 0.00065 with MSDs)

Other than that, Do you see any other red flags in the quote? This is my first time leasing experience and after going through lease hacker blogs still I think I am missing something. I’d appreciate any help.

Note: Also, tried reaching out to a few brokers around but no luck in getting a response.

So what? If they can get to your target price with a marked up mf, let them.

Trying to whittle down each factor individually is generally a wasted effort.

Your discount seems to include the $1k lease credit, so your actual selling price before incentives is $42,541 (approx. 8.2%). Couple that with a fully marked up money factor and you’re closer to 6% off before incentives. On an M340i that would be amazing in today’s market, but on a regular 330i you can probably do better (at least in CA - not sure about VA).

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ya some brokers doing 11% off in-stock

Do you know what would be covered under T, T, PF which is 2639.16? Fees Upfront is also 3606.66!

Most brokers are advertising at least 10% off MSRP on the 330i.

What do you mean? Did you tell the dealer you will SIGN at $490?

I didn’t agree on anything. I just told him, I’ll come back later this week to finalize. but before going there, I would like to know more about the numbers added on the paper.
i.e. what is covered under T, T, PF which is 2639.16 and Fees Upfron - $3606.66. Is this legit or some bs add-on to pocket some extra profit.

You partially answered my question. How do you plan to get to your target payment?

The first thing I have figured out is MF, I need to negotiate on that - 0.00133 to 0.00093.
The second thing is about the additional charges added - $2639.16 and $3606.66.

I know a few fees like - the vehicle tax is 4.15% (~$1833) which I need to pay upfront on the total price. Also, Acquisition Fee = $925.
Not sure about Dealer Fee, Doc Fee (~$650), Title, Registration, and any other charges they are putting on here. So I would like to know more about what else I will be paying in that $2639.16 + $3606.66 and if that makes sense.

This should be possible on a 330i. Dealers are still moving the 3 Series for volume specifically.

Base MF is 0.00093, but who cares how the dealer gets you to your desired payment.
I leased an Audi A6 in early May. My target pre-incentive discount was 10% off MSRP. Only one dealer came close at 9.5% off with a slightly marked up MF (normalizing the discount to 9% off at base MF).

Everyone pays all these fess. EVERYONE.

Focus on the pre-incentive discount and play with the calculator.

You still have not said what your desired monthly payment is with fees due at signing.

Check out the “Marketplace”.

Here is some advice - Understand what goes into calculating a lease payment.

My Desired payment is around $465 ± $15. I tried playing with the calculator but really not sure where all the numbers go as I don’t have a breakdown. Another thing is if I know where the markup is, I can negotiate based on that. Otherwise randomly saying 465 or 470 to the dealer won’t cut a deal.

I agree on the Acquisition Fee, Dealer Fee, Doc Fee, Title and Registration, etc. No complaints about it. but still, that won’t be as much as $2639 (T,T, PF) + $3606(Fees Upfront)?

You are missing the point. Please take the time to read leasing 101.

What pre-incentive discount at base MF would get you to that payment? How far apart are you and the dealer? Is your offer reasonable/achievable in this current market?

I am just an internet stranger. Why not just ask for an itemized breakdown from the dealer? Since you in VA, taxes are going to suck, btw.

Also do this. I am out for now.

Good luck.

thanks, will check that out

How are you getting a target monthly payment without knowing the corresponding due at sale amount that’s required and what is required to get you there?

@nyclife has a 48k 330i at 11% off, see the link below and mess around with fees DAS to get your desired payment. Worth the fee and hassle plus if you have BMW CCA it can effectively remove the broker fee

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This is what I am looking for. Thanks. I’ll reach out.

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Hi I’m new to this forum but have leased a BMW and belong to the BMW CCA. Can you please explain how that would benefit me with using a broker, as my lease is soon to be up. Thanks