2021 BMW 330i Xdrive lease numbers


Brokers have pre-negotiated deals. In this market it can be difficult to find cars under MSRP, so it can save a lot of time and hassle.

I didn’t mean to imply that being cca member benefits you to use a broker but i meant to say that most brokers charge around $500 and if you lease a new 330i, the cca rebate is also $500 so it covers your broker fee and you save all your time and headache of negotiating with a dealer

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if you are a BMWCCA member, you can get a rebate (post sales) for a new lease or purchase. IIRC, the amount varies by model. I just became a member ahead of my 330 arriving, and i believe that’s a 500 dollar rebate once eligible.

@nyclife offered a very good deal and I went with it.

Thanks for point this out. Do you know if the BMW CCA rebate works when a car is leased through a broker? I read somewhere that a rebate is not applicable when leasing through a broker.


Still works

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That rule is a bit vague. The exact language says the following are not eligible for the BMW CCA rebate: “New, non-registered vehicles in excess of 1,000 miles including company vehicles, retail demos or loaner vehicles. 3rd party brokers, lease companies, etc. do not qualify.” I think that means if the broker or leasing company is leasing the car under the business name, perhaps they cannot get the rebate? But I don’t think it precludes you from getting the rebate simply because you leased the car through a broker, especially if the lease agreement says nothing about a broker.

Broker fees, if not paid to the broker directly, are usually paid by the dealer to the broker on the back-end and it would not be reflected in the lease agreement anyway AFAIK. So you should be okay.


Share pics once you get it :slight_smile:

I dont know if its the right platform for Deal Check, but I will go ahead and guide me to the right platform if its not.
I am getting BMW 330i for 36/12k residual 57% , the number which dealer gave me -

MSRP - 48060
Cap Cost - 44215

Customer Cash - 1000
Rebates - 1000

Deal Contributions - 2000

Fees- 1564
Tax- 35.46

Adjusted Cap Cost - 44381.80

Lease price per month - 602.80

I am not sure about how to check this on calculator

It doesn’t look good. I’d try to get the same car for around 460-470ish. It also depends on the region and availability.

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