2021 BMW 330e questions


I’m looking to build a new 330e lease. This would be my first lease so let me know if this is feasible or no…

I understand the 330e is “new” and that will be my largest barrier to a deal most likely


-$2000 loyalty credit
-8-10% off MSRP + $5836 (federal tax credit)
-no MSDs
-payment somewhere around $400/month
-residual is currently 60%

Does anyone have luck with them adding in the federal tax credit on top of the lease? I see this commonly but haven’t found much info on BMW specific leases

Thanks in advance

Leases do not get the federal tax credit applied to them.

The tax credit goes to the captive, who then chooses how much to pass on in the form of the incentives offered. People will often refer to the incentive being applied as the tax credit, but that isn’t actually correct.

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Yes i didnt clarify that in my post, thats why i asked if anyone had luck with dealers adding the tax credit on to the lease

The dealer isn’t involved in the tax credit. There’s no adding it on. The captive either offers an incentive that includes that benefit or they don’t, but it’s not something you can negotiate.


How did you come up with that number?

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This is a useless thread. You list some goals that you have no control over and isn’t even known yet for an unreleased vehicle. You need to wait for programs to come out, then calculate what is possible.


Residuals aren’t yet released for the 21 model. Where did you get this number from?

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It’s released for the 2021 330e and 7-series only.

I just checked edmunds and they said it hadn’t on the 17th. Did they get released in the past couple days?

I have it from the paperwork. Surprised Edmunds didn’t have it

What are the RV and incentives on it?

i posted RV on my OP - 60%. incentives last i checked was $2000 loyalty credit

$0 lease credit
$2000 loyalty
36/10k is 60%**

Conquest not sure. Wasn’t listed for 2021


10% off, plus tax credit and 2k loyalty gets me there

That calculator is wrong. How are you getting tax credits? There are $0 lease credits.

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Yea. No tax credits unless it’s a State program.

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This thread should be closed. This is all based on one persons speculation of what he “could” get… hypothetically.

BMW is not passing any of the tax credit through

Please stop posting random numbers. Re-read leasing 101 and take a look at the “Shared Deals” section for past 330e deals. I have not seen that many 2019 or 2020 deals, but you need to put in the work first.

Correct. As it stands for April, they aren’t passing on any of the credit.

Only if OP was registering in NJ would he get some percent of $5000