2021 BMW 330e questions


sorry that was someone elses

You still don’t get the federal tax rebate

It wasnt anything random what-so-ever, ive seen EVs get full $7500 tax credits on leases, and came here asking if its doable on the 330e (for the $5836.) With a tax incentive, and 10% off (a stretch but feasible) it would come close to 400 a month. I could not find info on the 330e since its new, so i posted here asking for help - completely reasonable.

To be pedantic, you haven’t seen this.

You’ve seen captives extended an incentive equal to the tax rebate value, however, it is not the federal tax credit.


Good luck.

Its a question including goals, I couldnt find info on what people were getting involving the federal tax credit and posted here. Only info i could find searching was that its up to the leasing agency… Are questions not allowed in a section labeled ask the hackers?

It’s simple. Leasees never get any federal tax credits.

Ok not directly, but have they not been frequently applied as captives? Or is this typically just extra factory incentives not at all related to tax credits attained by the leasing company?

Frequently? There are many EVs that get it and many that don’t. You just need to look at the lease incentives as that’s all the leasee gets. It can be more, less or equal to the federal tax credit.

Depends on the manufacturer - GM does not “pass” on the full $7500 for Volts / Bolts. The manufacturer can decide if they want to “pass” on the tax rebate in the form of an incentive.

As others have said in this post, there is 0 lease credit.

Ok thanks for clarifying

thanks for the info. seems crazy to me this is not reliably passed to the customer since theyre the ones paying for the car, lease or not.

Unlikely for a brand new car. When I turned in my 2015 Leaf, they did not discount the 2nd gen Leaf to the full amount of the federal tax credit. So I ended up with a 2018 330e which was a much better deal (with full fed tax credit passed onto customer).

It’s all supply and demand. They are not obligated to pass anything to the lessee. .

The programs on the 2021 330e is what it is, only BMWFS decides how much (if any) Federal tax credit to pass on. Maybe next month, but reread the FAQ and past PHEV posts to better understand the points already made. :closed_lock_with_key: