2021 Acura TLX Type S Goes On Sale Tomorrow

A little while back I test drove an AWD A-Spec as a potential replacement for the Tacoma or even the RDX. I like the car and it’s powertrain fine but is it me or did Acura botch the interior packaging, something Acura/Honda normally does so well. For a larger car the interior, especially the rear, seems snug to me. I’d probably need an awfully good lease on a Type S to justify picking up one over other cars.

Will know tomorrow!


The exterior dimensions are a size up, yet the interior dimensions are right in line with the 3 series/A4/C class. Bad packaging indeed.

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That’s about right…

I thought some guys on bimmerfest dyno’d their m340i and got crazy results then there was an over-the-air update that nerfed it. They thought bmw juiced it fo the car journalists.

Some cars just won’t be incentivized to leased well. This is Acura’s highest performance sedan. No one expects S65 or E63 AMGs or Golf Rs or CTRs to lease well, why should this?


Because it’s not one of those cars? I mean Acura and Honda fanbois think that it is, but it never was and doesn’t look like it will be now.

Having said that, I really don’t think it will lease well or be discounted at all for a while simply because they are brining Type S back, there will be enough fans to grab them, and the supply will be limited for the forseeable future. Once the initial demand is satisfied and it won’t sell as well it will be discounted.

The 2003 TL Type S was my first car.


had a 2001 CL Type S. Transmission failure at 16k, transmission failure 19k, buyback at transmission failure #3. But according to Honda / Acura at that time there is no issue with Type S transmissions. Stayed away from Honda for 15 years after that. Let’s hope they figured out cooling in this version.

First car was a 2002 RSX TYPE S.

Honestly it was such a great car haha


Old Honda’s and Acura’s were notorious for having bad automatic transmissions in any of their V6 cars. Not nearly as reliable as their reputation would make you think.

@leasecompanion Any updates on programs? Interested to see where it’s going to be…

I like this idea of this car, but realistically, I’d just lease a TLX SH-AWD A-Spec and call it a day.

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The point wasn’t that it’s one of those cars. It’s that every car has its place in its own brand’s internal hierarchy.

The idea of a CTR being some sort of performance car is some clowns idea of a bad joke. But go try to lease one and tell me if you’re meaningfully below an M3 payment.

Low production + placement in internal hierarchy = no support from OEM. Low allocation = no motivation for the dealer to discount.

OTOH a six cylinder 3-series has been BMW’s bread and butter for decades. Before the current crisis they made them by the boatload and pumped the incentives to keep all that metal moving.

Literally what I said below what you quoted, but ok.

You need programs? We are not discounting :frowning:

Sure, if you have them.

I will get them! Meanwhile we went stupid on ILX deals! 14% off

Yea, I remember reading the same thing. That said, everything that i’ve been reading since and my personal experience tells me that the car is still way underrated when considering the factory claim of 382 hp. There’s a bunch people posting 0-60 times as low as 3.7seconds on stock configuration. I have just a JB4 unit on mine and on Map 3 with a few gallons of e85 juice, I ran the 1/4 mile of 12.13@117.6 mph with a relatively crappy 60’ of 2.05 (Im RWD).

You wont get one of those for that either. That’s M340/M440i money.

I’m aware, my brain was thinking more so that if I didn’t know anything about leasing and I was shopping around and salesman A offered me a 55K Acura TLX Type S for $700-$750 per month versus 85K M3/M4 for $900-$950 most of the guys that can afford that type of payment will make that swing for a much superior car.

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