2021 Acura TLX debut

Daddy wants. Looks like my 15 years of waiting for Type S to return have finally paid off.




You can have mine too :sleeping:


lol 13 model years…lol

I am holding on before rejoicing…i own the last gen

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wow not bad…watch the front be disgusting though

the front end “as shown” in the concept wasnt that bad but until i see the full car…i am not getting excited…

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I think the falcon beak design language has been toned back to normal. It was comical for years (like those exaggerated bmw grills, except on cars for sale not photoshop).

The beak days are thankfully gone. Even the front of the ILX looks good, and it’s grafted onto a soon to be 2 generation old Civic.


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Don’t get crazy. It’s that smiley face design most brands are rocking. The ILX just has dimples.

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are sexy lol

Not the ILX just dimples

hopefully a new redesigned interior

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hopefully better than the 2 screen & huge knob in the middle “monstrosity”


The dual screen setup is awful in every way. I’m sure it’ll be more like the RDX which is fairly similar to the 10g Accord (a really nice looking and functional layout)

The buttonpalooza in the 4g TL was much more functional and better looking once you got comfortable with all the controls.

This is better but that touch/trackpad is horrible…

that big knob is useless…

I like the new accord…but acura needs to do better

I haven’t used it tbh. From what I’ve read, it takes awhile to get used to

the trackpad is like the lexus but the big knob is just to change driving mode and it is the worse decision ever…

I have a feeling just like everytime…honda will get 1 thing right and 1 wrong


Yeah, I think that might single most annoying thing about Acura interiors. Why the heck does a DRIVE MODE knob and the surround have to be be so big??? I kinda get it for an NSX, but, seriously, how often are RDX drivers fiddling w/ it? And isn’t part of the point about getting rid of the gear shift to save space?

I also don’t understand why brands are moving away from a control knob (a la iDrive) located on the center console. I’ve had a car w/ a control knob, and my current car as a touchscreen. I vastly prefer the control knob.

I also find all the surface sculpting in Acura interiors to be… odd. Makes it feel busy and claustrophobic. The Accord interior is very nice, but Acura needs to step it up a few notches to compete well in the near luxury class.


2 hours and not 1 like to post?
BAMMM from a former type S twins owner !
Although i have moved away, wife still has an MdX due for return in November. Been daily driving it since lot of miles and man they really messed up with the transmissions in the past decade.
While the 10 speed from the 2.0t accord seems much better, i still found it a little confused. I really hope they tune it better and dont under power this car at like the measly 295 hp they kept pushing for so long.

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I think we are waiting for the full reveal since Acura has had quite a few disappointments over the past few yrs…

Edit: I forgot; the patent images were already leaked awhile ago (there a gallery, if you click on the image on the motor1 website)…
View 2021 Acura TLX Patent Images Leak images from our 2021 Acura TLX Patent Images Leak photo gallery.


2.0T base 3.0T Type S. 3.0T will have two different tunes so the low power version might also be in some trims.