2020 WRX White Series Lease

Just wanted to get your guys thoughts before pulling the trigger. How does this deal look? This will be the first car I’ve ever leased. I’ve learned a lot from this site!

MSRP: $35,776
Selling Price: $32,000
Cap Red: $2,836.18
Residual: 59%
Money Factory: 0.0013
Monthly Payment: $335 (after tax)

10k miles with 36 months

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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You’re going to get ostracized for that cap reduction. What’s the DAS excluding the cap reduction? Did you confirm MF and rv from edmunds, and is it base?

DAS is $4,000

It’s the Premium White Series model. I checked edmunds and seemed to be spot on. The base residual is 63%

Dear god. What’s finance APR? This seems like a buy all the way. MF is mediocre, no lease incentives and good real world resale value.

If you lease don’t put anything down. Defeats the purpose of a lease (risk mitigation).


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APR is 3.12%; Here is the printout

Effective $436/mo, don’t do that

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@joeblogs Dealer said it will be $335.55 (including taxes) a month. Am I missing something?

About 4000 somethings


No offense, this is a car most here is a car you should probably look into buying cpo, new, or used.

Also effective means 0 down around here. This means that you are out of pocket your first months payment at signing and nothing else. The 4K is capitalized cost reduction + inception and dealer fees.

@mllcb42 Sorry for my newbness… This is my first lease. Is it because my $4,000 includes acquisition, first payment, taxes, and DMV fees? And if I only pay for fees then my monthly will be $436?

No, it’s because your $4000 is $4000.

Your total lease cost is $4000 + 35*$336= $15760

$15760/36 months = $437 / mo


@mllcb42 Thank you for the feedback.

So according to the dealer, the $4k I put down includes all the fees. Does that mean I’m putting down $2,836 outta pocket?

No, it means you’re paying $4000 out of pocket.

There’s really no need to dwell on how the $4k is broken down. You have to pay the fees one way or another. You either pay them or roll them in and then pay them.

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@mllcb42 got it… So I’m guessing if I put $0 down, this isn’t a good deal because it will be $425 a month? Any recommendations on how I should approach this? Or is the type of car that isn’t the kind to lease?

You’ll have to compare against other wrx leases to determine if this is a good deal for a wrx lease, however, yes, they’re cars that rarely make any sense to lease.

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@Cody_Carter. We don’t discount the White Series Cars but thanks. I like the deal. These things are gonna get collectible real quick. Lease it and enjoy it and then put her away.

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Which is exactly why one should just buy it :laughing: isn’t Subaru running 0.9% APR??? The acquisition fee and rent charge is probably a wash with the sales tax on purchase price.


I average about 7k miles a year. I’ve been driving a Tacoma my whole life (currently on my 3rd) and its paid off. I’ve always wanted a fun car and never leased before so I thought I could keep my truck and try to get something fun as my DD, and keep the truck for my outdoor 4x4 activities

WRX only, not the STI I think, I saw that as well.