2020 Volvo XC90 T5 Momentum AWD

Trying to use the calc with the numbers I was given but not coming out as high as quoted. Thoughts on this deal? They say it’s the best they can do… I think there is some room here and figured I’d ask you all

Volvo leases are pretty easy to determine if you are getting a good deal. A good deal is 10+% off MSRP prior to incentives assuming base money factor.
Find out how much incentives are in your area, look at edmunds.

If you post a link to your calculator numbers, we can help find the discrepancy

Well, to start with, you have $1295 in incentives in your calculator where as the lease sheet shows $1295 being added to the cap cost. Those are opposites.

Also, you got rid of the acquisition fee and put in the due at sale there instead?

Not directly answering the question, but just curious - where did you get this deal? If I may ask. I’ve been looking for this car exactly, and couldn’t get close to a deal like that.
Do you mind sharing?

Yeah I’m just no good with understanding the numbers. Don’t even know what that fee is :joy: shouldn’t be laughing but trying to learn.

Appreciate the help w it

What did Edmunds tell you for MF/RV/incentives?

Says there is only l$1k rebate. No lease offers

Where are you located?


For Max- we can connect w the sales guy but it’s Volvo Oak Park

There’s $2500 incentives on the t5 mom awd in chicago. Puts you at 11.2% off pre-incentive, which isn’t too bad.

Didn’t think I could get all of those. Appreciate you looking at this

Would love to get out the door under $550 or so. Has to be some room for them

Are you actually in the city of Chicago or just the general area? Makes a big difference in taxes.

Yeah just moved downtown but everything still registered to DuPage

Why would you share the dealer before you signed when the guy’s looking for the same exactly car?


Bc I don’t care. If he wants a deal he can go get a deal.

Thanks for the info. I’m in CA so probably it’s not relevant.
In any case - I would never approach the dealer and try to poach the car with a better offer or something. Very unethical, and thank you @FusephMcGazy for still having faith in people :slight_smile:

California (San Francisco) Volvo XC90 T5 shopper here.

I was quoted the following from a dealership in Marin County for a 2020 Volvo XC 90 T5 Momentum (AWD)

Base model: $50,850
Destination Charge: $995
MSRP: $52,490

Total Discount $(5,389)
Breakout of above is: $Marin Lux Cars Internet Discount of $2889 and Volvo Lease Allowance $2500

MSRP less Total Discount above is $47,101.

Term: 36 Months
Annual Mileage: 12k
Residual Value 61%

Total Due At Signing is $4000
Above includes: First month’s payment of $501, Capitalized Cost REduction $2462, Estimated Reg & Fees $704 and Sales Tax 8.25% $333.

Total Monthly Payment = $501.14

Note that this model is very basic. No navigation and no booster.

Thoughts on this Lease Deal? I got a score of 8 years on the calculator.


Don’t walk, run.

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