2020 Volvo XC90 Demo - Deal Check

Also, are you sure there are no incentives?

That is the RV. I’m in AZ and Title is $1,000

They are included in the discount. The $2,500.

Ah, so you’re not at 17.5% pre-incentive, you’re at 13.6%. That’s not nearly as good

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The best I’ve seen isn’t even a 12% and is on a T5. I feel like I’ve got to have realistic expectations if I cant find anyone that’s done better on a 2020 in 2020.

With 2% for the mileage penalty he’s at 15.6%

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Like @mllcb42 already said on a different thread, there’s really no reason to be spamming every Volvo XC90 thread with your deal. This thread was from February, so your data from April is completely irrelevant.


But it’s not relevant to his deal because the data from April has no bearing on the data from February, not to mention the fact that he probably already signed the lease back in February.