2020 Volvo XC60 Momentum quote SoFL

So with this pandemic going on I figured I would try to see about upgrading my 2018 Volvo XC60 early.
My local rebates to my knowledge are:
$2,500 lease cash
$500 loyalty
$1,250 Costco rebate

When I leased my 2018 I had $0 rebates

My local dealer said they could replicate my 2018 deal on the 2020 and pay off 2 of my payments bringing me to 9 month pull ahead.

He came back all excited saying he is within $20
2020 T5 Momentum AWD
MSRP $48k
Discount $10k ( I asked if that included rebates and he did not respond)
$4,000 cash due at signing (no MSD)
$399 a month including 7% tax

I was hoping the rebates of $4,250 would act as the $4,000 cash i used back in 2018, but he is using rebates and cash to still be higher than my 2018 with same MSRP

I think this is a horrible deal with alot of missing information, what do you people think?

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Yes of course he did because all they’re doing is payment matching your current deal

The deal is not strong

I’m always surprised when folks who have been here for 3 years ask the questions like this (don’t take it personally).

Whenever a question like this is posed the answers are exactly the same.


It’s been a couple years since I worked a lease. My last 2 were purchases and were much less complex. are sales people that stupid that think I would be ok paying more money with $4k in rebates? That’s $120 a month difference and he quotes me $20 high smh. I’m in no rush, but will be checking out the forums over the next couple weeks for tips


They’re not stupid

Many people go in and want the new version of their car for the same payment

And they don’t care how they get there



They certainly are not (I mean, they may be, but this isn’t why). It is their job to sell a car at the most profit they realistically can. If they know, or assume, you are happy with your current payment and can keep it similar that is what they will offer (bumped up a little of course).

You should be able to get to $399 (or very close) with sign-and-drive on T5 Momentum.

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Losing strategy right there.


Yeah this isnt my first lease or purchase, I know the deal is bad. That’s why I logged on to seek advice and see what others are currently being quoted.

Do your homework so you know what the deal should be before you talk to the dealer

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I was thinking the same think as far as $399 sign and drive. Only out of pocket I would be ok with is my 2 remaining payments and 1st month

What’s the fun in that? I actually enjoy haggling with dealers, that’s why my family has me do all the negotiating and they just go in and sign. I know where I wanna be, I just like seeing what kind of BS they come up with 1st.

What are you basing this number on?


Going into a negotiation unprepared isn’t haggling, it’s setting yourself up for failure

MSRP of $47-48k

I’m pretty sure Volvo pull-ahead doesn’t work like that. You need to be within the 9 months to take advantage of the pull-ahead.

@Ursus Can you.confirm?

I’m not a broker, but I do have very good success on getting good deals. Not saying I get the best of the best, but I tend to do pretty well in the end

My 2018 I received $8k (no rebates) off MSRP on $47k. Using that figure is how I’m determining I should be able to get to $399

You got $8,000 off without rebates on a brand new, new generation MY0218 XC60 in June or July 2017?

You took all the current lease programs and plugged in that discount amount and came to $399 or you looked at $8k off and pulled $399 out of thin air?

I also have a very hard time believing you got 17-18% off pre-incentive on a new one. Far more likely that they had some non-itemized incentives rolled into that discount.

Yep, unless they softened the rules. I had a long running and heated discussion with 3.7 about it. He even tried to enlist @AP919 to prove his theory :slight_smile:
Must be 9 months, not 9 payments. Tried that.


I never said 2017 but there was no public incentives when I leased in April of 2018. Here was my deal from 2018.
**MSRP: $47,165
**Selling Price: $39,174.39 total cap $40,582.39 including $995 acquisition and added protection package of $413
**Monthly Payment: $363.42 plus tax
**cash due at signing: $4,000 (no MSD)
**MSD: **

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10k
**MF: unknown ($1,436.05 over 36 months)
**Residual: unknown ($26,884.05 buyout)

**Zip Code:**SoFL
**Leasehackr Score: **
**Pre-filled Calculator link:

Cap cost $2051.27
First payment $388.86
Registration $447.26
Upfront tax $225.11
Dealer fee $859
Tire fee $8.50
Agency fee $20
Acquisition $995 (added into cap)
Optional (exterior/interior protection stuff) $413 (added into cap)