2020 Volvo XC60 Lease Deal

Hi All,
I have no idea what info to give here for my lease deal. There is soo many numbers.
I’ll start with this.

2020 XC60 T5 Inscription MSRP $59040
Agreed upon sell price $55224 ( I think )
There is other discounts involved, I just get confused.
Residual - $34243

$695 month / 36 months , 15k, yr. includes tax/tags/title NY tax (8.125)
$0 Sign & Drive. (Dealer covers 1st payment and 1 payment from old lease $675)

I do not understand exactly how to enter deal in calculator.

Thank you anyone for help/input :slight_smile:

This is a very poor deal.

I’d suggest you stop talking to dealers and spend some time reading through the leasing 101 and calculator faq before reapproaching a dealer. Being informed is key to getting a good deal.


I agree with what mllcb42 told u also dealer isn’t paying that payment from old lease they are most likely rolling it into new lease.

Ask @aronchi if he has your color / options in stock. He will find you a stronger deal and isn’t far away from you.

No dealer in my area has this build, its literally one of. I also do not want to settle on colors like I did with my previous one.

When I enter the numbers into that calculator, they come back that my payment would be higher. I do not understand where the deal is bad. I hate this, lol.

Yes, I should have worded that, the 675$ rolled in.

I understand. Did that dealer say they only have that build? XC60 T5 (I think) should have plenty of options.

The discount doesn’t seem strong enough, but I’m not fully versed with Volvo.

He works a with a few dealers though.

Can You please provide link to this car?. Can be from any dealer.

2020 XC60 T5 Inscription
Advanced Package
Luxury Seat Package
Air Suspension
20" Wheels
Heated rear seats & Wheel

The only one in tristate area with Air Suspension.

This one I am interested in. does not have air suspension, has polestar instead and they can add 20" wheels.

I agree. Reach out to @aronchi. He helped my friend to get an awsome deal.

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They don’t deal. But I know the SM there.
Incentives are also different from NY. I think they are way lower.


But I can probably still save a bunch of money. All of the stores pulled back and do so. Owners aren’t going to lose money for no reason.