2020 Toyota Tundra SR5 CrewMax Sport $235/mo $0 down, Colorado

Really excited about this deal and this truck. Just signed here in Colorado on a 2020 Tundra SR5 CrewMax with Sport Plus package for $235 a month after tax! $47,769 MSRP. I thought a deal like this would be impossible in Colorado given the high demand for Tundras and Tacomas and the lack of basically any dealerships using US Bank. However, I found one and they actually provided the best, smoothest dealer experience I’ve ever had in my life. Happy to share my sales contact via PM (I did not negotiate anything for referrals, sadly). They still have quite a few of these in stock. Can’t guarantee they’ll replicate my deal but hey they did it once! I was actually the first US Bank deal they’ve done on these trucks as they just added leasing from them this month. They played no games with money factor markup, no discounts, rolling incentives into their pre-incentive pricing, etc.

2020 Toyota Tundra SR5 CrewMax TRD Sport Plus 4X4
MSRP: $47,769
Monthly Payment: $235.20
Drive-Off Amount: $235.20
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .00105
Residual: 80%
Incentives: $2,750
Region: Colorado
Leasehackr Score: 16.7 Years
Leasehackr Calculator Link: leasehackr.com/calculator?make=Toyota&miles=12000&msd=0&msrp=47769&sales_price=43222&months=24&mf=.00105&dp=0&dealer_fee=0&acq_fee=695&taxed_inc=2522&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=80&reg_fee=154.7&sales_tax=8.845&demo_mileage=0&memo=&monthlyTax_radio=true

I had to edit the rebate to be the post-tax number to get the calculator to line up, for some reason. Not sure what that’s about but the lease contract had no hidden fees or nonsense so I’m not worried about it. For $235 a month on a $48,000 truck, I’ll be ok.

I’d also like to give thanks to Jrouleau426 for posting great deals and being extremely communicative and helpful the few times I texted him. Without his pricing as a benchmark in my mind, I could have never gotten this done. If I was even remotely close to the East Coast I would have simply used him instead. I’d recommend everyone do that to avoid the hassle of calling every dealer in your state and trampling through their nonsense.

Thanks for the deals, Leasehackr! And the best part? It comes with a 6th seat for little ones!


Nice deal. Could you PM copy of lease contract. Like to see how they got to the numbers. Enjoy your new truck!

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It really seems like the cat is out of the bag nationally now (beyond the LH universe) on usbank taco/tundra 24mo numbers. I can tell you even two weeks ago there were only a handful of Toyota dealers anywhere that wouldn’t just laugh in your face for even suggesting a deal like this was possible.

Kudos to the pioneers like @Jrouleau426 and others who have been bringing numbers like this to leasehackers here for a while now and I hope people continue to send business their way.

Love the improvised car seat … that console is is truly massive.

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Can you PM me the info as well? I just leased a Tundra but at this price I’m very tempted to get one for the Mrs! Thanks again and enjoy the new truck!

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I have no idea how US Bank is going to not get totally screwed by these outrageous residuals. But, not my problem. Hopefully this doesn’t translate to them trying to salvage their business by screwing people on lease turn in. Time will tell. I saw the 24 month residual on the Double Cab SR Tacomas and it is truly comical. At the rate the economy is hitting the skids, though, we’ll be lucky if any can afford to buy a car in 24 months…

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88% for 39mo last month on a :taco: 10k/yr with Ally, that’s pretty crazy, SR Double Cab


I can get the calculator to match but that’s without any dealer or gov fees. Does Colorado not charge those on leases?

There’s a few dealers that don’t charge a doc fee and gov fees at the dealer are minimal(like $10 for filiing/title/etc). They get you when you get plates at the DMV, it’s a magically 2% of the average MSRP/value/whatever number they want to pick.


Ok that makes sense. I looked at the lease contract and only other fee lumped into gross cap cost was the $695 acq fee. No other doc/gov fees on OP deal.

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What he said. They don’t really flog your bunghole until you arrive at the DMV where they proceed to charge you a 2.1% tax on 85% of MSRP for the first YEAR! They graciously lower it to 1.5% the next year. I truly think they enjoy watching your soul leave your body when they say “And this is what you owe today.”

Super job!

Also, what was your dealer discount?
I assume it was over $5,000?


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About 9.5% off MSRP! I was really happy with the discount given the easy, quick negotiation. Perhaps left a half a percent on the table but I’m not trying to get blood from a stone.

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Whoa, this is pretty amazing.

How can you find out who else is using this bank for leasing? I’m in VA and ready to hop on this deal… like yesterday.

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If you’re in VA, call @Jrouleau426 in Philly if you want a deal like this done easy with a little travel. Otherwise, I’d call all the Toyota dealers you can in the area and ask them if they lease through US Bank then go from there.

Oh yeah, Philly is a easy trip. Hopefully I can make this happen by tomorrow or this weekend!

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Va is super expensive for lease tho I could not get really low numbers I think taxes are weird here

I’m working almost the exact deal in Missouri. I am waiting for the truck to arrive on the lot so I can pick up. Dealer has said they can hit the numbers.
My story sounds exactly like yours. Dealer’s first usbank lease in years. Giving me 9.5% off msrp and then a 3000 rebate on top. Mf .00110
HOWEVER, I dont have the truck yet and the lease worksheets they have showed me haven’t been correct. So we will see. Thanks for posting. I’m slightly more confident the deal will go through.

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If your MF is .00110 that could be because you’ve chosen a longer term than 24 months. The residuals drop a TON on 27 and 36 month leases (not linearly) for whatever reason so you will only be able to hit a number like this if you do a 24 month lease. But, your MF should be .00105 unless they change the MF by region which is possible.

yep, 24 month lease. Actually looks like I only negotiated a 8.6% discount. But they had no one in the dealership who knew how to run the USbank worksheet and they kept giving me monthly payments like 353, 323, 315 per month. This was a saturday evening so they said they couldnt call US bank to work it out. Now they are asking that I wait until the truck I want comes in (didnt like the SX they had on the lot). I showed them my spreadsheet and they said they would be able to get to those numbers as long as my spreadsheet was correct… Im not holding my breath. But truck should be in on the 18th, so should know more then.

Also, the high residuals are only on the SR5 CrewMax trim, not any other Tundra. That’s critical. Any trim of SR5 CrewMax should get you there, but any other trim won’t work.