2020 Toyota Tacoma- New to leasing

After doing some research, I know the RV on these Tacomas can make for a nice lease deal, even seeing some go for $98/mo + tax. I realize this is at the far end of the spectrum. But yea, I have a pretty good grasp of the concept.

I am shooting for a zero down deal, from what I understand that is a better way to go since you arent on the hook for the cash wrapped up in the down payment.

A monthly payment of $200/mo or less is a win for me.

Here’s your numbers, they definitively have the MF marked up(my link is at buy rate), the residual on the sheet comes out to 83% and the MSRP is capped at $33800. Discount is actually 5.6%

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Michigan 6% sales tax.

10% off at buy rate, keep in mind your post says 82% but the sheet is at 83% for the residual

This would be the deal to shoot for

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Agreed, that is the deal.

Now that I am armed with this, I can go back and see which dealers might be willing to play ball?

As mentioned previously, I could go after the discount with this vehicle having 651miles…

At the end of the day, I can walk away from any deal I do not sign… I dont typically fall victim to high pressure sales or additional marketing/ sales gimmicks…

I’m at $166 on a 39mo with Ally(10k), if you can get them under $200 with just first or $0 down and need something now, I’d grab it. It’s a crazy deal even where you are at now, this deal won’t last forever. No other brand can touch this deal on a truck, and 4x4 to boot.


I second what @joeblogs says. Under $200 for a Tacoma is a great deal and no other truck can get near that. I think having over 500 miles can affect the RV that the bank is giving, but I’m not sure. Lots of information on here. Spend a few hours on here and you’ll know what to expect.

No way that I could do it on Ally in Texas.
Maybe US Bank with tax credit on 24 months for SR, but not with Ally in Texas.

I dont disagree, even just something with a tow package even.

Here is the response from the dealer:

That is my best deal on that truck. I’ve already priced it at employee pricing. That is what we are offering for the remainder of The month. The rate is set by US Bank so there’s no wiggle room there

I’d shop around at a few dealerships. Try with Ally bank too. If that’s the best price, then it’s up to you.

I’d be interested for under $200/mo on a 0 DAS lease if you got one, trying to get my dad out of a Honda Accord he bought but doesn’t drive, costing him $400, I figured I could role the negative equity into a Tacoma and be under his $400/mo payment while my mom can drive the Tacoma, she doesn’t like cars, they sit too low in her opinion. I’m in SA - 78253

Yeah, Tacomas are really hard to get right now due to COVID-19. Reach me back in couple of month

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, definitely skipped one that pricing. I’m in talks with another out of state dealer, that clock is ticking with May wrapping up though.

Question, are residuals/MF set on a national level or are they regional?

MF is not. Residual is.

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I’m looking in leasing a Tacoma as well? Where do I sign?

Read the first post here and text for pricing

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