2020 Toyota 4Runner Sr5 Premium

Trying to get ALL the numbers but dealer keeps avoiding it.
2020 Toyota 4Runner Sr5 Premium 4x4 w/Sunroof and w/3rd row seating
Location Grand Forks ND 58201
Been negotiating for days now and these are the absolute lowest numbers

$43,599 MSRP
Total Savings $4,599 ($750 lease cash $3849 dealer discount)
Final price $39,000
Residual 64%

42MO 10k a year
$395 pulse isn’t in payment and is optional.


man toyota residuals are good. did you check the edmunds forum to see if there are any other incentives you qualify for? are you set on 42 months? will the warranty expire before the lease ends? Also figure out what money factor they’re using and compare to Edmunds provided amount to see if they’re marking up.If the dealer wont provide numbers then something is up and you have no reason to sign until you get all the info

Is this a good deal?

2020 4Runner nightshade.
36 months 12 miles per year
3k down
$590 a month?
47150 zip


You are missing a few numbers in your question. Take a look at the lease calculator and plug in your data. What I do see is a high payment with a $3k down-payment. There is no reason to put $3k down on a lease.

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thanks! Really first time at looking at new cars. Really want a 4runner but can’t find a good deal bc they sell like hot cakes.

@Jrouleau426 should have a better price on the nightshade even though that trim leases awful in general.

Why do you say the Nightshade and Limited trim lease are awful? Would an SR5 or Off road be a better option?

Significantly worse than SR5 prem. Check this out. Look at the first post. Pricing is there. Read it all, look at the photo with the pricing schemes for this month and contact him. I

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Thanks for the learning lesson will dive into this! Cheers.

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