2020 Subaru Ascent Touring


Hi guys,

What do you think about this deal? I feel it is definitely not great but how bad is it for a Subaru deal? I do not see many people leasing them - I guess they lease badly as Honda’s
Anyway, I’d appreciate your opinion and how much more can be done here


Make/Model: 2020 Subaru Ascent Touring
MSRP of $47,126
Sale price: $42,698 [9% discount]
Monthly: $483.44/
Money Factor: .0002
Residual (56%) is: $26,391.00
DAS: $2,566.35

  • Estimated DMV/registration is: $408.50
  • Doc Fee: $489.00
  • NJ Taxes: $1,185.84
  • First month payment

It’s not terrible given the popularity of Ascent but I’d shop around a bit. Two things:

(1) if you build an Ascent on Subaru.com and click “Get Local Price” you may get a $1000 coupon in your email which the dealer can apply. That would save you another $30ish a month.

(2) Try and get another 1-2% off. Not sure how your market is, but worthy a shot.

You could probably get an XC60, honda Passport, or possibly a pilot (not sure on this one) for this money. Have you shopped other cars? There’s a lot of other possibilities in this class. Volvo has costco and first responder incentives, Passports have had good deals recently too.

Helped a family member in April to buy an Ascent Touring in Colorado. I was able to negotiate 12.5% discount before incentives and was also able to get the $1k coupon that @28firefighter mentioned above.

  1. Thanks guys - tried the local inventory trick, no coupon yet… Maybe it will take some time.
  2. I did try Honda Pilot, have a $329 per month for 36/10k deal for EX-L …not able to get a good deal on Pilot Touring. Do you think Pilot is preferable over Ascent?
  3. I’m closely following XC90 prices as it is an amazing car. The DAS is obviously higher but it is Volvo after all. BTW - found new not demo 2018 XC90 T5 at one of the local dealers with an amazing almost 20% discount, only to finance…

Not sure if that is effective monthly payment or not, so I am not sure if this is a good deal. Pilot is definitely a good vehicle, though.

Look at broker deals to see if there are any demos available that would be close to your price point. I wouldn’t think you would have trouble finding a XC90 demo with an effective monthly payment of $554.73. We have seen new XC90 T5s go for less.

By effective monthly you mean everything rolled in into the monthly? If yes then $329 is before taxes and fees

Yes, everything rolled into monthly. Do you have a breakdown of the Pilot deal?

Yes, everything rolled into monthly. Do you have a breakdown of the Pilot deal?

No, but I do have Touring form the same with calc here

Don’t forget the dealer fees

This was everything, at least I was told so. Hence, assuming no other fees.

You’ll have $300+ in dealer fees in NJ

Even when doing via broker? It is weird they didn’t put this in into the calc

It’s possible it’s all rolled into one in the $400 gov fee

I secured a similar deal to what you were quoted OP.

2020 Ascent touring MSRP $46721
Ended up rolling all my fees into the deal given the money factor was pretty good (.0002) I believe.
I ended up with a payment of $511 for 36/10k. My discount was ~9.5% and i got a $500 loyalty coupon from subaru by calling them.

That is higher than i was hoping for, but for the features and capabilities that this model trim has i’d be looking at a comparable volvo in the 60k range. I was quoted the same payment on a limited trim by another dealer so for what its worth dealers seem to be more willing to discount touring to make up for the slightly lower residual - the price difference between the limited and the touring i got was about 2,500.

Subaru is really finding the sweet spot on value for the features you get with their eyesight based safety features, fantastic interiors, heated/cooled seats, rear mirror camera etc.

Have had the car only since monday, and I absolutely love it so far. good luck in your search OP.

do you know if this is for just the Ascent or for other Subarus? I’m looking into a Legacy & would love another $1000 off to work into it if it’s a thing!