2020 Subaru Forester Sport fully loaded, good deal?

Hi there, is this a good deal? The lease is for 36mo and 10k miles/year
2020 Forester Sport (fully loaded)
MSRP $32953
Selling price $30249
61% residual
Money factor 0.0011 (2.64 APR)
Zip 90291


You can push for more discount - this looks like invoice pricing.

Stack coupons after you get more dealer discount.

any idea on how to go about that? seemed like it was already pretty low. what exactly is invoice pricing? newbie here. thanks!

You can ask the dealer for the invoice price. They should give it to you.

You should find very competitive pricing in the Bay Area. Reach out to several dealerships with the exact vehicle that you want.

I’m down in LA (90291). So you’re saying they could let it go for less than what they paid for it?

Contact @rubbergash. He beats that price by $1220.

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LA/SoCal is more expensive. If you buy from the Bay Area, you will get hit with an out of region purchase penalty fee (range is > 180 miles from dealership). YMMV depending on who eats the fee.

OP - check out the Leasing 101 articles… a lot of info here that will help. Good luck!

This is true, but SoCal dealers give you 2-year maintenance to compensate.

I think a trusted said something about building a Subaru in configuration for a manufacturer coupon.

Ninja edit: found it. Ymmv on an ascent, but who knows it’s worth a shot?

Do it on ascent or Outback. If it’s regional, try a zip in the Philly area to generate it. Make sure you go through the full Get Local Price process. Coupon, if it is still happening, will arrive in your email 24 hours later.