2020 S60 T6 Demo, signed, $259 w/ $1500 due at signing [NY/NJ]

Helped my grandmother get a new vehicle from her '04 S60, which broke down at 40k miles. I pushed for something with less tech, but she wanted the Volvo!


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Volvo S60 T6 Momentum
MSRP: $ 44,990, however they added on the '19 rims for no charge. So probably closer to 46k.
Monthly Payment: $ 259
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1500
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7500
MF: .00129 (no msds)
Residual: 57
Incentives: $2000 loyalty
Region: NY/NJ

Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Great price. Other than the loyalty amount, what were the incentives rolled into that discount?

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$4500 of lease/dealer cash.

Holy smoke you got almost 30% off. So is the loaner incentive still at play? (I remember it’s $3,000?)

Hacked the crap out of a T60 for g-ma while she’s quarantined. Good grandson kudos to you.

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As a broker, I imagine you’re privy to demos and lot-rot cars that dealers want to move. Good numbers my friend, very good numbers.

Like she really needs 19" in NY/NJ lol


Yes but this wasn’t on my radar, it kind of just appeared.

This is the last of the 6 month 6k mile demos. Volvo has switched to the 3 month model.

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You are correct, but they were free, they were just on the car at the dealer. Dealer had no clue and said keep them.


Nice! But how does a car break down at 40k miles? Yikes!

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Really not sure… they wanted 5k to fix it, and if it’s breaking at 40k who knows what will happen next,

it’s not worth anything so we said no thanks

I know we discussed this on a previous thread before. Still awesome deal on one of the best looking cars in its class/price range at the moment (imo).

Is the new 3 month model $1,500 in demo cash (like the half-demo)?

Yeah she decided to pocket the trade money so it came out a little different.

$1500 in demo cash is correct! vs 3000!

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The car is sitting in my driveway now even though I Lysoled the whole thing.

Was raining so she didn’t want it. lol.


What did they give her for trade? You mentioned she pocketed the money and that’s fine. But sounds like there might have been equity there.

RIP full term Volvo loaners :sob:

Loaners used to called fart cars. Now they have the corona package.


Toilet paper upholstery?

Fixed it for you. Loaners didn’t call fart cars. You are welcome and get you shit toghether

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Worth it’s weight in gold