2020 Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic

Appreciate any feedback on this. Given that Land Rover historically doesn’t discount much, I think it is a decent deal. Got $5,000 off MSRP, $1,000 rebate, and they covered all the sales tax (which would have been $7,058 here in Texas). Fees might be a bit high and money factor may be marked up a bit but otherwise seems reasonable

2020 Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic (P525 V8 engine)
Miles: 12K/year
Term: 48 months (It’s under warranty the entire period)
MSRP: $116,046
Gross Cap Cost: $112,941 (includes $2,874 in fees as this was a $0 drive off)
Cap Reduction: $1,000 (loyalty rebate)
Adjusted Cap Cost: $111,941
Lease factor: 0.002045
Residual: 42.5% ($49,390)
Drive off amount: $0 (first payment only)
Sales Tax: $0 (Due to tax credit from the manufacturer. This is Texas so would have been 6.25% on the full amount of the car)
Monthly Payment (incl tax): $1,634

Breakdown of Fees included in Gross Cap Cost:

L&M Fee (related to tax credit): $1636
Acquisition Fee: $895
Dealer Document Processing Fee: $150
Lic/Doc Fees: $188
Texas P&H fee: $5

At that point, is it even worth getting a Range Rover? It’s completely up to you, but there seems to be no discount on a car that depreciates at the rate of gravitational acceleration (hence the really low RV). Also, any discount you got is lost by the extraordinarily high MF.

If you want a big car with a big engine, X7s are doing much better. More than likely, an AMG would lease better as well.

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$80,000 to lease a car, which doesn’t even take into consideration the cost of gas, maintenance, and insurance. Don’t even know where to begin.


If you are going to pay more than $78k over the term of the lease, why not just finance it or look at other SUVs?
Unless you want to be seen driving a Range Rover, but at that price point, there are so many options.

  1. did you very with Edmunds? The effective rent chart is almost 5%. If so
  2. get the 24 and 36 month residual/Mf/incentives and rerun the numbers

If your eligible (check with your CPA) I think this is one that qualifies for Section 179 accelerated depreciation if you do finance or stroke a check.

I would also talk to a broker and see if they can’t help you.

The heart wants what it wants, I understand why someone shopping a big boy RR wouldn’t consider an X7 (a Cayenne, maybe) but these don’t lease well.

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For that payment you could get a $105,000 750i and 1,193 slices of cheese at Five Guys.


We established that cheese is an overpriced luxury and mayo is free @trism, no? Take your own advice.

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For the trim, location and vehicle this isn’t bad at all. Problem is it’s never going to compare well. I’m paying $1470 p/m for my 2018 X5M on a 36/12 lease in Texas. The question is are you looking for an RRS only or are you looking for a luxury performance SUV?

For bang for your buck it’s hard not to compare it to an X5 50i and think that saving $6k+ a year is an easier choice.

For this vehicle though that’s a good deal, including tax credits that must be $12k+ off. I doubt you’ll find cheaper anywhere, and if you go out of state they can’t give you tax credits so it’ll always be more expensive.


You write purdy.

That’ll be $0.55 plus tax

I do 50% business deals on higher trim Sports and Full-Sizes (all because of Section 179)


How the heck did you get a $116k MSRP Sport P525 HSE Dynamic? Has to be an expensive SVO Paint and literally every option. That’s Sport ATB territory. Regardless, very strong discount and a wonderful car. Enjoy it in good health!


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That MF and RV make me very, very scared :eyes: I feel like this is the type of a vehicle you’d save tens of thousands of dollars buying CPO. I feel like I did the math on that once for RR…

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Wait really?

Cars like this fly off lots with less than 2% discount? Wow.

Not trying to be rude, they are very nice cars. Just lots of depreciation in comparison to an LX or Land Cruiser. Then again, this seems to have some very special options rather than one of the five colors Toyota provides for the $80,000 SUV.

For similar total outlay you could own this, drive it for 48mos fully under warranty, then light it on fire.

$78,432 total lease cost… :eyes:


Same thing I told the A8 guy with the 60K lease.

But I told him he should sell it at the end instead.


To floor ups on special cars (black packages, SVO paints, special editions) are always full MSRP and full mark up on rate. It’s varies greatly by region but that’s the market in SoCal. The one thing I always tell my clients is that our cars are extremely limited in production compared to our counterparts at BMW / Mercedes / Audi. We get a very limited allocation of our flagship models (especially the variants mentioned above).

RR is not a volume brand, but they sell well enough.

They look just as hot on a flat bed as they do being valeted at (fancy steakhouse of choice).

Exactly. Pay to play baller :nail_care:t2:

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Well regardless I’m impressed. Thanks for not roasting me lol

They are nice cars. Not so nice out-of-warranty repair bills, but still.

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I shopped for a 2020 RRS and they barely discount their cars. You really have to pay to play to drive one of them. I personally just couldn’t justify the cost.
MF seems crazy high though. What’s Edmunds take?

Sure they lease better but you can’t compare a RRS to an X7. An AMG…, maybe… but I still think it’s next level.

Enjoy it OP, it’s a nice car… pricey, but very nice.