2020 Q5 $342/month, $11K DAS

Hey Guys,
My friend is about to drop up to 15k down to get her payment to under 350. I don’t have all the details as she has no idea on how to buy a car or questions to ask. She wants what she wants. I thought I’d ask all of you what your thoughts are.

She also has 6 payments or $342 left on her current audi lease, 3 of which are covered by audi.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 q5 prem plus
MSRP: $54xxx
Monthly Payment: $342 no tax in mt
Drive-Off Amount: $11000
Annual Mileage:10k
MF: they won’t share
Region: nw Spokane,missoula
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

This is horrible for so many different reasons. The only thing you can do here is tell her “this is horrible for several different reasons” and walk away. Nothing good comes from trying to help people that are this detached from reality and won’t listed to reason.

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What’s the point? She won’t listen to you, let alone your “friends on the internet.”


Is she even going to listen to anything you or a bunch of strangers on the internet tell her?

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Holy crap, must be nice to have this much :moneybag: to :fire: right now, that’s just crazy! Unlike and :-1:

Tell her buy all the F&I products, the finance guy will thank you.


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She said she’s open but she wants that specific car.

Is she sure about that? Is Audi Financial offering a 6 month pull ahead? I am only aware of a 3 month pull ahead.

IMO she is indirectly supporting our LH community. After this deal someone can come and get decent discount. LOL


What’s an extra $342*3 between friends?

Especially when she’s willing to do $15,000 DAS and probably happy with $11,000

Trying to save people from willingly blowing their money is a waste of time.

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It’s my best friend in town. So I will try and stop her from blowing all that money. She reached out to me for a reason. I appreciate the entertaining comments, but I’d like some meaningful help.

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11k wow she must be rice to throw that away on a down payment,. Better off using that as a msd.

I will listen to reason, and have a firm grip on reality. Please tell me something helpful so I can bring it back to the dealer. Thanks.

Another Accord Hybrid story in the making.


Rice? MSD?

Wow, you guys are super helpful… not… I am new to this, any genuine support or insight is appreciated.

Don’t put down large amounts of money up front. Don’t pay taxes and interest again on left over payments. Research comparable pre-incentive discount amounts with other deals and get all the pertinent lease program details to put together an aggressive, but realistic target deal BEFORE ever talking to a dealer.

There are 4 big issues with this deal at the moment:

  • The pre-incentive discount is very poor, making it more expensive
  • The MF/incentives are not verified, making it unclear if there is hidden mark-up
  • Rolling in payments adds interest to a liability that you’re already paying interest on (normally taxes as well, but no sales tax at least saves you there)
  • The incredibly large down-payment amount is a high risk, low reward use of your capital. The money could be used in ways that help you lower the total cost. Right now, if you lease the car, drive off the lot, and get in an accident, your $15k (or however much) disappears in a puff of smoke, never to be found again.

Currently, you have work to do before you’re in a position to approach the dealer from a position that doesn’t put you at a huge disadvantage.


This site is a fantastic resource of information, but it takes time on your part to step back and take that in and learn from it.


At the very least, tell her to put that $11k in a savings account and use it to cover the payment difference between $350 and whatever the new payment is without such a ridiculous down payment.

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You arent getting any real help because the deal is so horribly bad its just laughable. You havent done any research and you want what you want. Youre on a website where people try to spend the least amount of money and get the most vehicle. You are doing the opposite

Enjoy the car

Meaningful help:

  1. Don’t put large sums of money down to lower monthly, you’ll loose the monies if car is totaled in 2 weeks (or months).
  2. Research here how leases work, acquire realistic target in terms of discount, available incentives, residual, non-marked money factor to come up with realistic monthly payment/DAS amount you could offer to dealers to accept.
  3. If #2 above is taking too long/too much of effort - hire professional broker here and sleep soundly knowing you didn’t pay for dealer’s 2nd boat.

There. If she wouldn’t want to hear it, let her subsidize our next Audi deal