2020 Prius Prime Purchase

I know this is a lease forum, but I figured I’d share a deal I did this week on a purchase of a new 2020 Prius Prime. I wasn’t very impressed with the lease figures for a car of this price (roughly $400 per month with 0 DAS for a car that retails around 28K), so I decided to purchase. I probably wouldn’t have done a purchase deal unless it was a brand that held its value well.

I’m in NorCal and it wasn’t hard to find a dealer willing to go this low. In fact, I just sent emails out to numerous dealers, took the lowest offer, and then asked my local dealer (SF) to match it. I don’t think this would be very difficult to replicate; I had three different dealers willing to do it for this price.

2020 Prius Prime LE with all-weather floor mats
MSRP: 28,814
Invoice: 28,212
Selling price: 25,924
Toyota rebate: 2,000
Final selling price: 23,924
After Fed tax credit (4,500), CVRP (1,000), and PG&E (800): 17,624


Great deal

Also, did you get any quotes for other trims? Thinking I may need to get the xle…

Sure! I live in SF so I basically drew a radius of so many miles on Google maps and reached out to every Toyota dealer in that circle. All of them have at least 10 or 15 Prius Prime’s in stock, if not close to 40. Dublin, City Toyota (Daly City), and Downtown Oakland were all very keen to offer this price. I wanted to buy in the City so I asked SF Toyota to match it.

Wil Cho (internet sales) at City Toyota and John Nguyen (Internet sales) at Dublin Toyota were both very pleasant to work with.

I did not get any quotes on the XLE, though I would expect to get about a similar dealer discount on those as well. You might even be able to get a little more.

You could have gotten uber driver 750 and usa triathalon for another 500, total 1250 off

Thats a great price, congrats

If you happen to get quotes for xle and or ltd, please let us know. I may have to get in on it as well!

Edit: Would you mind sharing your low offer? i’d like to see if my local dealer will match as well. Thanks.

Can you share which rebates were applied?

AutoByTel and BuyAToyota doesn’t show any.


Not sure why it isn’t showing, but the only rebate I got was the $2,000 rebate. Here is Edmunds showing that deal. https://www.edmunds.com/toyota/prius-prime/2020/deals/

Thanks Spencer for the info, I went to City Toyota in Daly City,CA and negotiated a similar deal based on your deal. Except the deal is for the XLE and the Limited. I also added in the Uber Discount and Triathlon discount. They said they would honor your discount for the XLE and Limited and the UBER discount (but you have to have an active account). But they weren’t able to give me the Triathlon discount (didn’t exist). In the end I ended up not doing the Uber discount (too much of a hassle, but it maybe worth it for others).

I didn’t speak with Wil Cho, he was off, so I spoke with one of his associates.
Danny Tan 415-619-1337. Either guy will work, just name drop.

MSRP for the Prius Pime Limited w/ floor mats = 34,689
Sell Price: 31,621
Toyota rebate: 2,000
Final sale price : 29,621
So my final out the door price (include tax, title, license and fees) : 33,110

If you add all the potential tax incentives - that brings it down another ~6k. Such a great deal!
Thanks again!

I called both dealers and for XLE after discounts and Toyota rebates, the final price offered was $27,000 plus tax/licenses so total including tax was coming around $30, 300

But this offer is not available in SoCal, will see if anyone match here in SoCal

Thanks Spencer

That’s a great deal! I shopped around at many different dealers and got my 2020 LE, blizzard white, floor and cargo mats, door edge guards and window tint for 28,821 otd. Check the state rebates again. I know they changed dec 3rd. I think it dropped from 4500 to 1000 on the prime.

State rebate dropped by 500 across the board - PHEV’s dropped from 1,500 to 1,000. But the federal credit is still 4,500 (assuming you have enough tax liability). PGE is also still offering $800 rebate. For those considering this, note that you’ll need to purchase and take delivery of the vehicle before the end of the year to get the 4,500 tax credit this filing season. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until the 2021 filing season to claim the credit.

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Not sure why they would have said the triathalon discount doesn’t exist.

I saw this post 2 weeks ago and tried to replicated the deal today with the Uber and US Marathon rebates. The dealer said the Uber rebate is only available with a history of Uber payouts, so just signing up for Uber and making a trip does not work. Dealer rejected the Uber rebate. The US Triathlon credit was no problem but required financing the car. So, I ended up taking out a loan instead of doing a cash purchase. The loan can be repaid without penalties after 3 months. Final OTD price including tax and fees was $26.1k. Less $4,500 federal tax rebate, $1,000 CA rebate, $800 PGE rebate = 19,800 Net Price.

Carvana/Vroom offer > $20k for 2 year old Prius Primes, so this vehicle is effectively a free car for 24 months. I was originally going to get another cheap 2-year Chevy lease, but this deal definitely beats any lease deal. Plus you get a carpool sticker and save on gas.


Is this for an 2020 Prius Prime LE model ?

Where did you drive to NorCal to buy this car? I am from SoCal no dealer is ready to match the price

Which dealer you ended up buying with ?

Btw, I am interested in XLE

Hi, which dealer got you 26.1k OTD? I’m in NorCal and want to replicate what you got if possible. Thank you
Lowest offer I got so far on an 2020 Prime LE Silver is 27.2k OTD from Roseville Toyota

I finally bought a 2020 Prius Prime XLE at Freeman Toyota @Santa Rosa

Sales manager Michael Cybulski was very helpful and made the buying experience easy

OTD $29,200 (after dealer discount and manufacturer rebate)

No dealer was even close in SoCal which made me drive all the way to NorCal

Initially I was planning to go with City Toyota but they didn’t have RED Color in stock which made me search other dealers and was able to get good price which was cheaper than anyone else in state of CA

Thanks to @spencertimm and @toms4711 for sharing their deals and inputs.

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Forgot to mention they did trade-in My car by beating caravana offer!