2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe S

Hey all,

I asked the rep to give me an actual breakdown of the lease but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet. I just have some rough numbers with some key items missing such as MF and exact drive offs. I filled out the deal as best as I could for now.

2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe S
MSRP: $94,800
Discount: $9,480
Sell Price: $85,320
Monthly Payment: $1464.44

$0 Down just drive offs
Drive-Off Amount: 1st Payment, security deposit, tax on down payment, license, title, doc fee

Months: 36
Annual Mileage:12,000
Residual:55% ($52,140)

Region: San Diego, CA

Good deal or nah?

What did you find after posting on Edmunds forums?

MF from edmunds on the S model should be .00200 but the sales rep didn’t include his MF in the numbers that were sent to me. Still waiting on that

It’s a Porsche so probably not worth leasing

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1464.44*36 = 52719.84

Depreciation = 85320 - 52140 = 33180

You also have MSDs if I got it right, so MF should be low.

How in the world that could be a good deal?

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Depreciation is calculated off of MSRP, not selling price.

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it’s irrelevant for this exercise. dealer/manufacturer covers part of it by discount.

you can replace it by ‘remaining depreciation client owes’ or whatever.

lease monthly should be, on paper, the difference between sale price and residual plus interest plus taxes (fees are covered upfront here). interest should be lowered by MSD. I don’t get how he ended up with such monthly amount.

Good discount, if you want it then just buy it. Your real world rv will most likely outperform Porsche FS’s, and you won’t pay that insane rent charge,


Discount looks like it’s right at 10% which is actually VERY good for a “S” coupe. Which dealership are you working with?

I’ve been working with a few dealers in SoCal for an E Hybrid Coupe and most dealers aren’t willing to give more than a 5% discount off MSRP on those. Then again e hybrid coupe inventory is practically non-existent and if they do exist they’re either above MRM or oddly specced out.

Plugging your numbers into the Leasehackr calculator and assuming base MF with 1st month, acq, dmv due at signing I get a pre-tax payment of 1197 per month even factoring in a 8-10% tax rate it looks like they may be marking up the MF a bit.

As others have said, a purchase looks better than a lease with the numbers you’ve presented. Porsche is offering 2.99% financing right now as well. Food for thought

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there could also be some ridiculous acquisition assuming its not upfront.

OP - buy it, u won’t regret it :slight_smile:


To provide another datapoint i’ll share what I’ve worked out for my father on a 2020 E-hybrid Coupé:

MSRP: 100k
Discount: 5%
Federal rebate: 6712
MF: .00200
DAS: 3500

36/12k (57% residual): 1156 pretax
39/12k (55% residual): 1136 pretax
42/12k (53% residual): 1119 pretax

His tax rate is 10.25%. Sweet spot looks to be the 42 month term with the post tax payment coming out to 1234 a month.

About to pull the trigger on the car this weekend but my father is still debating on whether he should purchase or lease. Normally Porsche’s have solid resale value but the e-hybrids are a different breed. Thinking about the long term reliability of owning a plug-in hybrid system gives me nightmares…

Thoughts on these deals? @fredyge94


Thanks for the insight. Porsche San Diego is who I’m working with on this deal. I work at a Kia/Mazda store and my general sales manager referred me to this Porsche rep. If I seal the deal, I’ll send you his info if you’re interested

You need to understand how the math is done correctly in order to help yourself and others.

It is fully relevant how the depreciation is calculated. What if OP attempts to work numbers on a different deal? What if they try using the calculator and do not understand why the monthly continuously comes out significantly higher (by a wide margin)?

These are valid concerns when you misunderstand the core math.

Is your discount pre-incentives? If so, 10% on a Coupe S is a pretty strong discount, IMO.

As if Porsche would offer incentives LOL. Same time you’ll see me get sleep, cold day in hell.


I asked just to be safe, didnt’ want to assume. 10% discount on a new model Porsche is VERY impressive in my mind.

Yes pre-incentives!

wow. virtually, car has already depreciated the ‘discount’. no matter how you slice it, he only owes the remaining part over the course of the lease. not the total depreciation from MSRP which is irrelevant for comparison I did between the two numbers.

understanding the terms is important, but I suspect you got what I meant.

finally, depreciation is reduction of value on an asset in time. T0 is, let’s say, manufacturing date. T1 is current moment, T2 is end of the lease. MSRP minus discount is Value of the Asset at T1. Depreciation for lease purposes is the reduction happening between T1 and T2. not T0 and T2.

I disagree I misused the term or the concept. nevertheless, most would absolutely understand what I meant.

P.S. I have Masters in Applied Math, but thank you for a lesson.

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OP graciously emailed me his offer sheet.

Calculator accurate within a dollar.