2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S lease review

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum. Going to take a look at this car tomorrow and possibly pull the trigger.

Model: C2S
10% off of msrp of 141,500
Zero out of pocket
10k annual
1770/m - 39m term

Is this a deal that makes good sense given the knowledge of the forum?

Hope the calculator was done correctly.

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This is the thread I have been waiting for. As long as you have taken a hard look at the options you have at this price point and know this is the vehicle you want, I don’t see how you’ll be able to get a better deal on a 992

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I’m just not sure about the residual value. Is it correct or should it be in the 60’s?

Wouldn’t it cheaper to finance it?

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It would be optimal to find MF/RV on Edmunds. Are you sure you don’t want to finance this car?

The finance rate is 2.49%

Yes it would be cheaper than the 4.8% based on the money factor.

I am planning on using as a daily driver and thinking to lease because:

  1. Less worry about accidents which would sink resale
  2. I’d rather be in a position to get another car without the hassle of selling / trading it
  3. I owned a turbo s and would just have care free enjoyment of a lease.
  4. Taxes would be based on a larger amount (127k vs $69k for the lease)

Am I thinking about this correctly?

Are you sure about this? I personally love 911s, but unless it’s a Turbo S, GT3 RS, or a GT2 RS…I am not excited by a base C2S. Read up the specs carefully, it doesn’t offer much.

At this price point, the Aston Martin Vantage is the way to go or an M8 Competition Coupe/Gran Coupe.

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What about a 2017 570s or a Vantage. They would all be within this range, just options, no clue what you want. Before you do anything though, get it checked out by @fredyge94 he’s our exotic guy, works at Manhattan motor cars, can’t really comment on anything that costs more than my entire net worth, so…


Agreed with the other posts… You misspelled Aston Martin.

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I have a 750 which has seen the shop too many times to make me want to give BMW anymore money. Last visit, it was in there for over 30 days.

They should have clearly lemon’d it but since I have 9 months left, those idiots want the money. It wouldn’t pay to get my lawyer involved so BMW is a no go.

Regarding an Aston, I know they’re giving crazy deals. Just think the reliability of a Porsche is unbeatable.

Having had a C4S, GT3 and turbo s, anything beyond a C2S is just to have the ‘greater model’.

Truth is, the speed is minimally noticeable and for $100k more, not really worth it IMO.

The C2S would be a daily that I could have fun w rather than a C4S which is more surgical precision rather than being able to throw the tail out whenever… :call_me_hand:


Sorry to hear about the issues with the 750. The N63 engine is a basket case from what i’ve heard, but your car was clearly a lemon.

Anyways FWIW- Aston uses the AMG 63 S engine in the Vantage. So you have Mercedes-AMG reliability with the Vantage.

Personally I’ve had several BMWs, and all have been extremely reliable. I put 30,000 miles on my 2018 M3…not a single check engine light.

You know you’re talking leasing it for a short period of time, right?


What’s the MRM on a C2S?

Hard pass on Aston, stick with Porsche. But the discount is not enough. Maybe look into CPO leases to see if there’s better value there.

PS: a good lemon lawyer will make the OEM pay for it. Talk to one.

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I think you have thought this out thoroughly and have a lot of experience. I would do it. I agree leasing is the way to go. Worry free ownership. Lower taxes. Daily Driver.

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Try $3,300/m + on a well optioned turbo s.

Point I was trying to make was that everything above a C2S or a C4S (for bad weather) is really just a flex. These cars are plenty good and fast even at the base level. A naturally aspirated GT3 engine is fine but not that big a deal tbh in terms of straight acceleration. And the lack of insulation will make you hear all the rocks hitting the undercarriage. It will be slightly better on the track, but that’s not my intention on this deal.

The turbo S is an insane car, I know it’s capabilities, but is it truly worth almost double per month compared to this deal so you can 0-60 in 2.7 vs 3.3? Again, not my intention for a daily that I would like to beat on.

As I said, it’s just a flex piece.


Is this with taxes and fees included in the payment? What is the total due at sign? And what is your zip code?

39 month/10k residual on a C2S coupe is 56%

He is looking for a daily car. 911 is better than the Aston. Aston CPO leases can be much cheaper but there is no better daily driver than a 911 base, S, GTS and turbo models of the 911


A 10% discount at base MF (with minimal doc fees) is pretty dang good on a new 911.

Only way you might get a tad better is waiting until the fall when the 21’s come out, at which point you can usually find slightly steeper discounts on the leftover 20’s. But who knows what the residuals and MF will be.

As with any Porsche lease you will always get the “you can get this other brand X car for cheaper” comments. All else being equal I’d take a new 992 over an AM any day, but I’m a Porsche guy (have leased/owned several). Go for it :grinning:

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I understand the logic but he might get 12 or 13% at best but the residuals will drop by then. Also at that point you might not get the right inventory as it will be left over cars. and Porsche manages the inventory so well that the new models won’t be in unless it’s very few leftovers in stock. Porsche is very conscious of the residual value. They don’t want people to get the feeling that they are buying a cheap product. there’s a reason why you don’t see 50-60,000 discounts on Porsche like you see on Aston Martin