2020 panamera gts vs amg gt63 advice/guidance please!

hi hackrs, i’m still a bit of a noob and hope you can help me with your experience and wisdom. I’m based in the DC area looking to lease a panamera gts/turbo (chances of getting a turbo are slim) or an amg gt63 and stay below $2K/mo on a 36/10k with zero down. Slim pickings locally btw on both cars.
I currently have an offer from a dealer in Cali willing to lease a $146k msrp panamera GTS for $2K/mo with $5k down. I keep thinking of the 1% rule you guys talk about but also realize that doesnt apply to Porsche and AMG since they lease poorly. But I have seen some crazy discounts on year end models from Dealers in the past so am hoping i can hack a year “closeout” deal on one of these cars.


  1. Is my goal ($2K/mo) achievable on a gt63 and panamera turbo?
  2. Anyone have experience with both cars and hence wish to recommend one vs the other?

Thanks for reading and your time. Forgive me if I missed any info - happy to provide more data points.

The 1% rule isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.


I’m sorry but I will be the first to pile on. At 2k a month I would think even a total noob can do some semblance of research. To be able to afford the kind of payment you can, you have to have excelled at something in life that translates better then asking strangers how to spend your money. A quick search would lead you to both a Mercedes and a Porsche broker who will help direct your funds. Or work a deal and bring back contracts for people to help tear down and teach you how to negotiate. I feel like these posts the vast majority of the time are “look at me posts”.



Get an M5 for half price :slight_smile: problem solved.

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Or a Lambo for double.


I see you’ve never spent time with an heiress. The majority of wealth in America is inherited.


Haha, heiress lol

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Holy cow… lol
So i’m not familiar with the concept of lease brokers nor have i ever used one so you’ll forgive me for living under a rock. As for “look at me” that’s far from the truth. I’m a hard working individual who likes cars so i figured it’s about time i treat myself to a nice car. Was hoping for a little more help but thanks for reading the post!

Love the m5 but i’m coming off a 2018 m550i lease and have always driven/loved bimmers. Never had a porsche and the panamera gts/turbo seem like fun sporty sedans. Yes, i could lease an m8 GC for much less but just want to try a diff brand.

Btw, i did mention a summary deal from a dealer in cali which you conveniently overlooked

Ahhh one can only dream… image


First rule of thumb is to search. A quick search shows countless results check the marketplace here. There are Porsche dealers who serves NE which should suffice for you. So you can try that route first if you’re not yet ready for a broker.

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Funny you mention that. I searched the hell outta leasehackr and didnt find much for a gts/turbo or gt63. I found a few posts for panameras and panamera 4/4s as well as for amg gt53 but very few for panamera turbos or gt63s but it could be user error as well.

Ohhhhh shots fired lol…you gave us a quote from a dealer 4000 miles away from you which eats into any deal you could probably negotiate. I will change my prior post and add lackadaisical to the list. You want to be spoon fed and as somone who works hard…you know the value of a good deal and a saved dollar. Which leads back to put some effort in and the output will reflect.


LOL Dude look on cars.com. There is barely any inventory within 250 miles of me for 2020 gt63. There are only a handful on the east coast.

Just search Porsche then contact the dealers you see here on the East Coast.


Another thing i tried (thanks to LH and all you guys) is i found a dealer off LH, reached out and he told me he couldnt help. So i’m certainly trying, perhaps not to the level expected of LH patrons :joy:

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Alright folks here we go. Fresh off the press:

This is on a 2021 gt63 (thats all they have) from MB of arlington, VA:

It’s way over my budget but i’m wondering if i can get a similar 2020 for below $2K/mo

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Ok your working hard I get it, one dealer in Cali and long five mins on cargurus.

All jokes aside we have quite a few Mercedes brokers and a Midwest Porsche Employee. To be fair when searching for these specific vehicles I would go to Porsche or AMG forums and do some reading. There always great references and knowledgeable people on vehicle specific forumns