2020 Nissan Murano SV Good Deal?

New to the forum!
I’m not aware of how to go about figuring out if I’m getting a good deal or not but here’s the quote I received for a 2020 Murano. It’s worth noting I am coming out of a 2017 Maxima lease.

2020 Murano SV
Monthly payment $359 NY taxes included
Money down $0
Drive off amount is $790
Includes first month, DMV fee and TBH I forget the other fee maybe taxes on the rebates ?

I didn’t get as far as getting the actual sale price and what the exact rebates were but if you guys can help me out here I’d appreciate it. I just made my last payment on the Maxima and I have all but a few weeks to get a new vehicle.

I would go elsewhere for a lease and turn my Nissan in however I was in a bad accident in September and I broke my neck (spent 10 weeks in a brace) and I haven’t worked in 6 months so the cheapest way for me to get into a new car is to stick with Nissan as they wave all the lease return fees.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks again!

First of all, you could get a Murano S for a lot less

Or you could pay the one time $350 disposition fee and just get into an even cheaper lease. You’d recoup that money in 2-3 months of sub $200 payments

I was quoted on an S AWD but the difference wasn’t enough to justify losing all the safety features that come equipped on the SV.

If i handed my Maxima in without leasing a new Nissan it would be way more then $350. I need all new tires, wear and tear fee. My freinds had a Maxima, handed it in with needing two new front tires and his bill was $975 to hand it back in that included wear and tear and whatever other fees.
So my issue is $1000 to hand back my Nissan and another $1000 to $1500 in fees to lease a different make. I know $1000 - $1500 is not much but I still don’t get back to work for another 3 months so I need to budget as much as I can until then.

I am going to call around to different Nissan dealers and see if they can beat that price cause after seeing what other people are paying / offer for a Murano i don’t think that payment is good. Especially in handing back a Nissan lease.


Looks like the Murano SV you are looking at I am assuming with a sticker price of $38,440 for $359 a month may be high. Is the dealer including the the wear and tear cost into your lease? You need to get a lease spreadsheet from them.

Also since you are turning in the Max, make sure they are giving you a loyalty rebate.
Muranos are not selling well. Also is the lease you are quoting 24 or 36 months? 24 months/ 12K is a better deal.

In comparision a Murano I have been looking at for my dad is $287 with $2200 DAS, including everything. This is a 24 month lease.

Yes that’s about the sticker price for the murano. I’ll have to get a lease spreadsheet to see what’s included in that price. Again it was a brief visit with the dealership and we got as far as a few numbers that was all.

The lease was for 36 / 12K a year.
I wouldn’t mind getting into a 24 month lease though an I did not get a price for that.
The quote you got for $287 what trim was that for ?

The return fees might also be waived if you lease an Infiniti since they’re the same company. There are several Infiniti brokers here on LH who cover the NY territory. You might be able to get a QX50 for similar money (or an AWD Q50 if you’re OK with another sedan).

Don’t discuss numbers in person.

Let me know location, i can save you money on this.


I’m located on long island , Suffolk county

That’s an effective 378/mo, which is worse than his, unless you’re looking at an SL

There’s no point just speculating.

How much excess wear and tear do you actually have?

And it’s not like turning in your Maxima and leasing a Murano just magically waives everything away. They (NMAC) are only going to waive up to $500 or whatever their policy is. You’re overestimating how much you’re “saving” by staying with NMAC.

There’s no reason your next lease will require $1,000-1,500 DAS. Any lease can be structured with just the first payment DAS.

I was told all fees waived the $500 for the lease and also waive the wear and tear. Literally nothing out of pocket or included on the next lease for my current one. With that said, that deal only pertains to me getting another Nissan.

There’s so much profit hidden in that “deal” …of course the dealer is willing to eat some of what NMAC won’t waive.

Last month Murano S were sub $200 for returning NMAC lessees with VPP

Have you checked the Marketplace for current offers?

Oh I’m sure there is that’s why I came here lol… I’m not trying to get jerked. I’m waiting to hear back from a few different sources for the same Murano so I’ll see what they come back with.

And my last point?

Mike (@aronchi) has already said he can save him money, and since OP is in Long Island, seems like a no brainer for him to reach out to Mike.

Checking all the local offers in the Marketplace would be a non-brainer, but here we are mentioning it for the third time.

@Christopher_G, since you are in Long Island there are some really good deals on the Murano.

Just an example for you, you should be able to land a Murano SV with your loyalty for under $229 a month, with approx $2200 down( all dependent on your taxes and fees) for a 24/12K lease.

Also don’t walk into any dealerships, just email them. Also as others have mentioned there are some great brokers who can help you secure a great deal and can have it delivered to your home.

Similar situation here about to get out of a 17 Max. Was a loyal Nissan customer for 18 years. Since joining this forum I want to run from Nissan into a xc60 so much more tech safety and comfort. Nissan prices suck lately not to mention the murano dash is outdated :frowning: ugh

I’ve checked local offers and they are all garbage numbers with 3/4 k down. Going to Infiniti tomorrow to check out what they have to offer